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Hi all and thanks for stopping by to read the first post of the Nearly to Newly blog!  My name is Cammi and I’ll be the quirky fingers behind these posts – I’m so glad that you joined me!  As 2013 kicks off, I wanted to start a blog to share some of my favorite things – I’m an internet junkie who loves to write, so why not start a blog?  My title refers to life’s progress from nearly to newly (when you think about it, there are many).  My current nearly to newly is the change from a nearlywed to a newlywed, covering the journey of my upcoming wedding in August.  Spoiler Alert! There will probably be an abundance of wedding posts (both the wins and the woes), so if looking at wedding ideas and seeing lots of #brideproblems hashtags make your eyes roll, then this blog might not be for you.  If you’re in LOVE with weddings, then this may be a great cyber connection – and we should discuss our obsessions together.

If you’re still with me, let’s get acquainted!  I’m a 20-something bride-to-be who is planning my wedding for August (have I said that already?!).  I currently work in the media industry, planning and placing print advertising for a large national retailer… but that’s not where my dreams lie.  I’m an aspiring event and wedding planner who is also passionate about DIY projects, cheap and easy home decor, stationery design, photography, cooking and baking, and lots and lots of reading and writing.  I currently live with my fiance and our shih tzu, Pebbles, in Minneapolis, Minn.  We bought a house almost 3 years ago and are still in the decorating process – so you’ll probably see a lot of posts on the before and after (one of my 2013 goals is to spruce this place up… no more living like college kids).  I just bought my first digital SLR camera so I’ll take you on my journey of nearly to newly photographer.  In other news, you’ll also be along for the journey as I attempt to domesticate myself… at least a little.  Cooking, baking, cleaning, organizing and running a home – these are wifely duties, and afterall, I’ll be one in 7 short months.

So, without making this too lengthy, I want to welcome you again and hope you enjoy the ride on this crazy little journey with me. Don’t be afraid to get engaged and interact – leave me comments, follow me on Instagram and Pinterest or shoot me an email (see my ‘contact me’ page).  Also, I’m always looking for new blogs to follow, so if we have similar interests, be sure to tell me where I can find you.




2 thoughts on “Welcome, Welcome, Welcome

  1. It’s so great to read your blog, Cammi! I am also a twenty-something bride-to-be and getting married this August! I started my blog awhile back, but it’s been such a good place to focus my creative energy, track important moments, etc. etc. I love writing it and am thoroughly impressed by your dedication to yours! I hope we can stay connected over the coming months – I have no doubt we’ll be going through a lot of the same things!

    • Thanks – I look forward to reading your blog, too – seems we have a lot in common when it comes to what we want to write about! Looking forward to more posts from you and your big day!

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