Here’s to 2013 […only two weeks late]

After more than two weeks of being sick with everything under the sun, I’m starting to finally feel like myself again.  And with that comes the reality that I haven’t done ANYTHING with my new year’s goals.  It’s official – getting sick at the beginning of a new year will definitely screw up what you want to achieve… but I’m not going to let it get to me.  So here I sit, in the Caribou Coffee just down the street from my house, getting back on track to obtain my goals so 2013 can be one of my best years yet.


If you have taken a look at the Nearly to Newly Completed tab, you already know that one of my goals is more “me” time – in which I’ve envisioned lots of coffee shop visits to cute little places around town.  There’s something about being away from the house that just allows me to be so much more productive.  Maybe it’s the lack of distraction.  Maybe it’s the atmosphere of others getting their work completed to put me in gear.  Maybe it’s the coffee? (To be quite honest, today I’m drinking hot chocolate – I would still like to be able to sleep tonight to make for a productive Monday).  Whatever it is – I like it.

So today’s plans are to knock out some wedding planning things I’ve been putting off (like getting organized), working on where I want this little blog to go (blog post schedule, anyone?), and to just get away and enjoy the day from outside my house walls – all while enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate – dark chocolate, of course – I do have to play the role of bride in 7 short months.

I hope whatever you’re doing on this frigid Sunday, it’s exactly what you want to be doing.  Be sure to check back later this week where I really get things started with sharing my wedding plans, house plans and tips on getting healthy. And maybe a special little surprise!



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