Becoming a Fit Bride – Kettlebells and a Protein Smoothie

I’m roughly 7 months away from my wedding which means it’s definitely time to start my workout regime to get in the best shape ever!  After battling more than two weeks of being sick I was finally able to get my butt back in the gym.  Now, there’s one thing you should know – my fiance is a personal trainer.  Yes, you read that correct.  He’s a fitness buff… and me, well, not so much… but he knew that going into it.  I tell you this because my first workout back was as a participant in his kettlebell class.  If you have never taken a kettlebell class, you definitely should!  I’m sore in places you shouldn’t be – but it reminds me that I worked hard and that I need to get the gym consistently.

Kettlebells provide a great full-body workout, combining both strength conditioning and cardio.  My favorite part?  Classes are only 30-minutes long and you feel it EVERYWHERE, making it the perfect workout to anyone’s crazy busy schedule.  Combine a kettlebell class a 2-3x a week, with a cardio program and a focused diet, you’re going to see results in just a few short weeks!

Never heard of kettlebells before?  No worries – here’s some shameless plugging of my fiances working with Olympian Carrie Tollefson for her blogs video series.  He goes over some moves you can try and where they target.  Good stuff, I tell ya.

Do you think you could get onboard with this type of exercise?

So, you may have noticed in the title that we’re talking Kettlebells and Protein Smoothies today.  It’s really important to get some protein in your body post-workout because it helps your body repair from the work your just put yourself through.  You should aim for no more than 30 minutes from your workouts end to protein digestion.  The gym I attend has a cafe inside, so it makes it really easy to stop and grab some after I’m done working out – whether that be a smoothie/shake, bar or a meal.  But because I don’t have a money tree growing in my backyard, I have to limit how much I stop there, which is why I’ve taken to making my own protein smoothies.  I’ve played with a variety of fruits (not many veggies, because I think those should be consumed as a solid, not a liquid) and have found basic recipes to be my favorites.  Here’s the recipe to one of my favorites – very generic, but gets the job done!

Strawberry-Blueberry Protein Smoothie

1 cup frozen strawberries (whole of halves work)

½ cup frozen blueberries

½ cup 2% milk

1 scoop of vanilla protein powder (our favorite brand is Davinci Labs)

handful of ice cubes

Place all ingredients in blender and blend!

You can revise/substitute this recipe to taste – in the past I’ve included a couple of spoonfuls of vanilla yogurt, or added some fruit juice like OJ or apple juice instead of the milk but juices have more sugar than milk so I steer clear more often than not.  Also, in the summer I tend to use fresh fruits instead of frozen – my smoothies turn out just as delicious.

I have my next workout coming up on Thursday – I’m taking a hip hop class that’s taught by a friend of mine who has a studio in her basement.  I have a feeling I’ll be worrying more about how dumb I look than the actual exercise part of it so hopefully I make through all 50 minutes.  I really HATE cardio so I’ll report next week how it went.

Check back later this week for more wedding details.  We are just getting to know each other, after all!



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