Nearly to Newlywed – Finding our Perfect DJ

I realize I haven’t written much [at all, really] about our wedding, as I’m only a few posts in, but I promise it’s coming!  I thought kicking this weeks post off with one of our upcoming challenges was a good segue to introduce our crazy wedding with you all.

Music.  Personally, I think it’s one of the most important pieces to a complete reception.  But that’s my opinion because I love to dance.  It’s also my fiances opinion because he LOVES music (although, he’s not much of a dancer).  The goal of our wedding is to have every guest leaving saying it was THE BEST wedding they’ve been to and for them to talk about it for years [in all honesty, I hear most brides say this so I’m sure you have, too].  To me, the best wedding doesn’t mean serving the fanciest foods, displaying overly expensive flowers, having the biggest cake or spending outrageous amounts of money.  To me, the best wedding means that EVERY guest leaves the reception wishing the night wasn’t over – and to achieve that means having a great DJ or band there to get your guests amped up and ready to get down [or look on at the expense of others].  Don’t get me wrong, the music isn’t everything but it contributes a lot of the mood of an event.

This week my fiance and I have a meeting to talk with a local DJ company to figure out if they’re a good match for us.  This is probably the only meeting he will attend – as this was really the only service he wanted input on.  With the meeting just days away, I want to prepare what questions we need to ask to make sure we make the best of our appointment… as well as make sure we get everything answered before signing a check and reserving our date.  Here’s some of the questions I’ve come up with, in no particular order:

1.  What sets you and your company apart from other DJ companies around the area?

2.  What kind of equipment do you provide?  What happens if something crashes – is there a back-up plan?  What if something happens to you and you can’t make the wedding?

3.  What does your music library look like – how many songs do you have, what genres do you cover?

4.  What do you do to get the crowd involved?  Do you act as “emcee” and make all announcements?  If so, how would you define your “style”?

5.  What’s all included in the price we’re paying?  Will you work with our venue on set-up/take-down times?  What happens if we go over the time we booked?

6.  What about ceremony music – how does your collection look for that?  Do you have a list of recommended songs?

7.  How do you handle guest requests?

8.  Who will be the actual DJ at our wedding?  Do they have a list of references?  How many weddings have they done?

9.  What attire will your wear?

10.  Do you require a meal?  Will you require a break?

11.  Are we able to provide a “do not play” and “must play” list?  How do you keep your music selection up to date?

12.  Do you perform more than one event a day?

13.  Have you played at our venue before?

14.  Are you insured?

Didn’t realize there was so much to ask when meeting with a DJ?  Neither did I.  But because this person you hire has so much impact in how the reception turns out, it’s important you get all the facts up-front, before you pay that down-payment and sign the contract.  It’s also a good idea to meet with more than one DJ to compare.  As I keep stressing, for this bride, it’s an important service [although not the most expensive] that can really affect the mood of my big day, so asking the right questions to choose the best fit is key.

What’s your take on music at weddings – do you think it’s as important as other elements and services such as how the food tastes, what the decor and venue look like, etc?  What makes a wedding fun to you?



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