Nearly to Newly: DIY Decorator

Happy Thursday night – TGIF tomorrow!  While this week has gone by pretty fast, I’m always a happy girl when the weekend rolls around.  I’ve got a laundry list of things that need to get done and I need to prep myself for some motivation [insert another coffee shop Sunday].

Anyway, I wanted to share with you, my fellow readers, some cute decorating items I picked up this past week.  As some of you may have read in my Nearly to Newly Completed page, one of my goals for 2013 is to get the house decorated.  In the past few weeks I’ve done some internet research to find some nifty blogs that cover home decor on the cheap, because let’s face it, I’ve got a wedding coming up that’s eating up some of my spending, not to mention that trip to Vegas I’m booking this week [more on THAT later…].  I’m so inspired by all these ladies [and guys, too, I suppose] who are so crafty and handy with tools and such.  Me, I’ve never really had any exposure to having to do any handy, crafty stuff, so it’ll be something to remember when I delve into my first DIY projects.  I’m sure it’ll be a time that my fiance is not home so that he can’t laugh at my expense… but we’ll see.

So, with all that said, I wanted to share with you some of the items I picked up this past week to start decorating our basement spare bedroom.  Let me first tell you about the space… it’s small and it’s adjacent to my fiances man cave, meaning it can’t be too girly [it’s mainly his friends from out-of-town who end up staying in that room so I’m sure they wouldn’t appreciate too much of a feminine touch – comfy, soft sheets, yes; pink daisies and perfume bottles, absolutely not].  Right now the only piece of furniture in the room is a full size bed that my soon-to-be in-laws gave us when we moved it.  The headboard isn’t my favorite, but hey, it was free.  I’ve got a vision for this room – but I’m going to hold of on sharing that for another post… I think my inspiration board will be a great visual rather than you having to read all about it – talk about BOR-RING!

The below photo houses the items I picked up from the thrift shop that’s located just down the road from our house.  I had Monday off for Martin Luther King Jr day so I decided to stop after my coffee shop Monday.  Let me tell you, the store was PACKED and it was like 2 p.m.  I wandered around wondering if nobody had jobs [ha, should have stopped to think they had the holiday off, too] and then I heard over the intercom that everything was 50% the marked price.  50% off – are you serious?  Everything was already marked a ridiculously cheap prices and then they were knockin’ half off.  I’m totally guilty of adding a few extra things in my cart just because they were too cheap to pass up – who knows if they’ll even turn out, but I won’t feel as bad when I remember I only spent a buck or two on them.  I bought 8 items for just over $13. 13 bucks.  And I can guarantee that they’ll make cute accent pieces to my newly redecorated spare bedroom – that is if I can prove I’m a DIYer. [PS – sorry about the grainy photo, I had to do some cropping to get everything in.]

All these items for less than $14 at Unique Thrift Stores MLK Sale

All these items for less than $14 at Unique Thrift Stores MLK Sale

I’ll bet you’re interested to know what I’m going to do with all this?  For now it’s a surprise, but think cans of spray paint!  Well, don’t think spray paint for the books – I do want to read those, but they will also serve as decor… you’ll just have to wait and see how!

My thrift store finds weren’t the ONLY items purchased for the spare room… I also bought these cute lamps below.  Now these weren’t 50% at the thrift store, but a great find from TJMaxx [ah, how I love that store!].

Cute find from TJMaxx - $16.99 each!

Cute find from TJMaxx – $16.99 each!

I have big plans for these little gems.  Have you ever heard of Looking Glass spray paint by Krylon?  I found this tutorial on iVillage, via Pinterest, and I want to try it out.  Because I’m new to this whole DIY thing, I think I’m going to test out a vase or glass first – just to make sure I get the technique right.  I’ll be sure to post the “after” photos once I get these painted.  I have some more furniture to buy for the room, like nightstands and a cute dresser or desk, so finding those will probably be my first priority.  But stay tuned – there will be updated!

What DIY projects are on your list?  What were you favorite projects from the past?



One thought on “Nearly to Newly: DIY Decorator

  1. I think your TJ Maxx is our version of Homesense! Discounted name brands, right? I’m obsessed with finding bargains. I hit the clearance section, which often has pieces discounted because of a scratch or something of that sort (and I negotiate an even bigger discount). Nothing that can’t be fixed, eh!

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