Nearly to Newly: Decorated

Lately I’ve really been gung-ho on trying to get pieces together for our spare bedroom – as you may have noticed from the post I wrote on Thursday regarding the awesome items I bought from the Thrift Store on my day off Monday.  In that post I went on a whole tangent about how I envision the room looking after I make the changes.  But I’m a very visual person, so rather than making you just read about it, I wanted to show you how I envision it looking  by creating my very own vision board!

As I mentioned in Thursday’s post, it’s not a very big room and is located in the basement, adjacent to the “mancave”, which is covered in sports memorabilia.  Because of its location in the house, I definitely can’t make it into a girly oasis, but I can dress it up a bit; make it feel a little bit more luxurious.  The color palette I decided to go with is navy and white, with some gold accents.  I’m trying to determine if I want to bring in just a bit more color (maybe through throw blankets and pillows and some art) to spruce it up a bit.  I think that’ll be a decision I make once the room’s pulled together.  Right now the room only houses a full size bed and all white walls and carpet – pretty nice for my navy and white theme, eh?  This means I have a blank canvas to work with – insert big grin here.

My inspiration for this room stemmed from the navy and white striped duvet comforter that I came across on Target’s website [which is why it’s the largest photo].  I think it is equally masculine and feminine to suit any guest who stays with us, which to be honest, tends to be my fiances friends from out-of-town.  It’ll also be a good break from all the sports decor from the basement area.

As mentioned above, the only item we currently have in the room is a bed, and it’s a small room so we don’t have much space to add too many pieces, especially oversized pieces.  So let’s talk furniture.  Our current bed has a very 80’s wooden headboard – not that I’m complaining, because it was free, but it just doesn’t fit with the overall look I have for my room.  Insert the adorable white fabric headboard I found at – so perfect.  For additional storage, I really like this 3 drawer dresser from Ikea because it’s long enough to fit the wall parallel to the bed [without looking too big], and will provide enough space for a small TV [if we choose to add one] and some small decor items.  The small nightstands, also from Ikea, would be dainty enough to fit on each side of the bed while also providing room for a small lamp and little decor accents.  I should mention that because I’m planning this awesomely fun wedding in August, I don’t really have the funds to splurge on these furniture pieces [$200+ for the headboard, $200 for the dresser and $140 for two nightstands) so you better believe I’ve become the queen of Craigslist searching.  No luck yet, but I’m confident I’ll find something sooner or later.

Let’s move on to the decor photos.  Again, because I don’t have a huge budget to work with, I’m going to try my hand at some DIY projects.  I loved the gold polka dot vase I found on The Glitter Guide and it’s definitely a project I could do on my own by finding a small round vase, painting it white and then adding some gold circles.  The wall gallery that’s included in my vision board was made for under $11 by using large frames from the Dollar Store and poster board matting – easy peasy and cheapola!  I actually found directions on creating my own gold polka dot print like the photo below the wall gallery – seriously, how cute is it!  More on the project to come.  You also may have read about my DIY project for the mercury glass lamps on Thursday’s post – once that project is complete I will be sure to post how it turned out!  Lastly, I’m IN LOVE with the ‘be my guest’ wall art in the bottom left photo.  I love the script-y typeface of the wooden letters, but trying to find a store to sells them has been next to impossible.  I did, however, find an Etsy shop that sells it as a vinyl wall decal and I could get it in navy blue… what are your thoughts, would you like it as much?

I’ve got a few more ideas up my sleeve, but I have to leave some type of surprise or you will all know what my room looks like and the reveal won’t be quite as fun!  If you had a blank space to work with, what would you do with it?  What are your thoughts on my color scheme and ideas – I’d love to hear other suggestions!



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