So You Think You Can Bake: Cupcake Edition

I have been dying to try out a cupcake recipe I found while perusing Pinterest and finally decided this weekend was the time to do it.  I love anything cupcake or cake related, so when I saw the pin titled as “skinny cupcakes” it was a no-brainer that it should be in my recipe box.  After reading through the directions for the cake and frosting, I knew there was no way I could screw it up – this recipe got two-thumbs up for me before I even tasted them!

Now, let me tell you something.  I feel like these “skinny cupcakes” are considered skinny for calorie counters, not so much for the people who count carbs and sugar [like me] – but nonetheless, they were a fabulous little treat!  One I definitely shared with my coworkers so I didn’t eat all 2 dozen!

Recipe, from Six Sisters’ Stuff

What you need for the cake:

1 box cake mix [I used Pillsbury Funfetti]

1 12 oz can of soda [I used a diet Sierra Mist]

What you need for the frosting:

1 8 oz tub of Cool Whip [I used light, as it had less sugar then the regular]

1/2   3.4 oz box of vanilla instant pudding [I would be interested in trying it with sugar free, to get a bit healthier – I’ll let you know how it tastes!]

Skinny Cupcakes 7


Combine cake’s powder mix with can of soda.

Skinny Cupcakes 1

Mix until smooth.

Skinny Cupcakes 2

Scoop about 1/4 cup into lined cupcake pan

Skinny Cupcakes 3

Lick bowl clean [no eggs so I could lick ’til my hearts desire].  Ok, this step is optional

Skinny Cupcakes 4

Bake at 350 for 25 minutes [I started with 20 minutes].  Take out and let cool.

Skinny Cupcakes 3

While cooling, prepare frosting by combining Cool Whip with 1/2 box of vanilla pudding, stir until smooth [taste for any graininess from the pudding not being mixed well enough].

Frost and ENJOY!


Skinny Cupcakes 6

One thing I should note, that you may have noticed, is that these cupcakes don’t rise like cupcakes that are made traditionally with the eggs and oil.  But I should also note, THEY’RE DELICIOUS!  These cupcakes are super fluffy and uber moist!  I also really loved the frosting – it’s definitely not as sweet as the canned frosting and it, too, is nice and fluffy!  I’m also happy to report that I still have a dozen cupcakes left, and about half of the dozen that’s gone are due to sharing with my coworkers.  I do have to keep reminding myself that just because they’re called ‘skinny cupcakes’ doesn’t mean they’re actually healthy for me.  But they are just the perfect treat to curb off that sweet craving.

Have you ever tried baking anything with soda or other subsitutes?  What are your favorite “skinny” recipes?  How about your nutritional plan – are you a calorie counter or do you count carbs, sugar, fat, etc?



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