Nearly to Newlywed: Gettin’ Technical

Last Sunday’s Bridal Fair has sparked some crazy wedding motivation in me – I’m not sure what it was, but this past week has been all about getting things done for our upcoming nuptials, which is a short 6 months away from today.  That’s crazy.  I’ve crossed quite a few “to-do’s” off my list this past week, including: sending out our Save the Dates, making an appointment with one of the bakeries I talked to at the bridal fair, explored different options for flowers and centerpieces, registered, checked out wedding bands, updated our wedding website and found a cool app that I’m planning on utilizing for our big day – hence the “gettin’ technical” title for today’s post.

The wedding industry has evolved so much from what it was 10 or 20 years ago – and a lot of that growth can be attributed to the internet and technology.  Decades ago, there was no such thing as wedding blogs, Pinterest, custom wedding websites, iPhone and Android apps, etc.  To be honest, I considered these advances to be both a blessing and curse.  For me, Pinterest and wedding blogs are amazing, and inspirational, but they also make me compare my wedding to others, which is terrible for my budget [and my wedding self-esteem].  The custom wedding websites and apps are pretty, cool, though – they just rack up more money for the already billion dollar industry.

Custom wedding websites and wedding apps are pretty new.  I love the idea of custom wedding websites – not only is it a perfect way for your guests to get to know the couple better [especially family and friends who may not know the bride or groom that well] but it’s a grander way to provide details of wedding and what your guests can expect when they attend.  It’s a fun way to show off your engagement photos, introduce your wedding party, provide additional details on area attractions your and let guests know other information about your day that can’t [or shouldn’t] include on your invite, reception or response cards.

I was really excited about putting together my wedding website and after a couple of days of research, I settled on the site Wedding Window.  I really liked that they give the option of using a standard layout, which is free of charge, or upgrading to additional features and layouts for a pretty reasonable price.  I chose to upgrade to their “Sassy” package, which is $59 for 12 months of service.  I upgraded for a couple of reasons:  1. I was able to customize the color scheme of the layout I chose [which happened to be a free layout] and; 2. I have the option of guests RSVPing on the site rather than having them send me a card back in the mail.  The RSVP option was a big deciding factor to upgrade. I believe the majority of my guests are pretty tech-savvy, so checking ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on a website I provide them won’t be a hassle [and hopefully a quicker way to respond].  I also believe it’ll be way easier for me to keep track of responses, in addition to tactfully letting people know the number of people who are invited [because our guest list is so large, we had to cut kids out, so the website allows us the option to only allow people to RSVP for the amount of people we’re inviting].  The site is really easy to use, especially if you’re no pro at web design.  It also provides additional tools to help during the planning process – such as a seating chart, budget calculator, thank you tracker, etc.

Wedding Window - Couples Website

As I mentioned above, I found a cool app to use for our wedding – it’s a photo app that guests can download on their iPhones and Android phones, plugin the couples information and then upload photos from the wedding to one place for all guests to see.  Think Instagram for your wedding.  Too. Cool.  I originally saw a version of this kind of app advertised on Adorii for $29 [60% off their normal price of $79], but after some research, I was able to find an app I don’t have to pay for – Wedding Party.  I really, really love this idea, probably because I love photos so much.  I think this is going to be a super great way for me to look back at all the photos my guests took in one place – and I believe guests will think it’s fun, too.  It’s a one-stop-shop for guests to view the party through the eyes of other guests – and a way for me to see moments I most likely missed due to the craziness of the day. The app does come with some challenges, though – such as informing the older guests of how to use the app and having people remember to use it.  But because it’s free, I’m up to the challenge.

Wedding Party - Photo App for Wedding


What are your thoughts on wedding websites – did you have one?  Will you if you haven’t married yet?  How about the wedding photo app – would you use it if you were a guest at a wedding?





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