Nearly to Newly Inspired: Office Envy

This past weekend I spent an hour or so of my time cleaning up and organizing my office area.  When we originally moved into this house, I was really, really excited to have an office and totally thought I would use it all the time.  Now, almost three years later, I can honestly say that I’ve spent no more than 15 hours there.  There are a couple of reasons for this:  1. It’s in the basement and in the winter it’s COLD down there; 2.  It’s such in uninspiring place to sit – I really need to spruce it up more, and; 3.  I have a laptop computer that sits nicely on my lap, under a warm blanket.  I really love the idea of having an office, and a place to spread out and call my own – to use when doing crafts, making mood boards and whatever else I want to do.  I just need a more inviting, inspiring place to sit.  I took a look around the internet, and by internet I mean Pinterest, to find spaces that I find inspiring – I’ll then use these images as inspiration when recreating and decorating my own office.  One of these days it’ll look amazing – and at that time I’ll show you my before and after photos.  Until then, feast your eyes on these pretty offices that inspire me… and be on the lookout for a vision board of how I’ll achieve the look I’m going for.

Elle Events

Luella and June [as featured on Glitter Guide]

Adore Home [via HGTV]

Inspired Design

House to Home

Annette Tatum – A Well Dressed Home


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