Nearly to Newly Gifted: Making Your Gift A Memorable One – Housewarming Gifts

My fiance and I are at that age where a lot of our friends are buying their first homes.  Some of them are married, some of them are moving in with each other for the first time, some have been living together for years but wanted to invest in their futures together and some are […]

Nearly to Newly Domestic: Quick & Easy Pizzadilla’s

Are you ready for a quick and easy meal that’ll have your family asking for more?  Are you a pizza lover?  Are you looking for a recipe that cuts down on the calories and carbs of traditional pizza but still tastes fabulous?  Then you are in the right place, my friend.  Today we’re talking about Pizzadilla’s. […]

It’s All About the Music [and Social Media, too]

Hi friends!  Well we did it – we survived Monday.  I had a very strong case of the Monday’s today… getting through work was hard, but I persevered and got through it!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend – mine wasn’t long enough [but when is it ever?] and I didn’t get near […]

Nearly to Newlywed: All About Wedding Registries [Part I]

Wedding registries – a long tradition of showering couples with gifts to help them establish their home and prepare for their future.  Well, that’s how it started out at first any way.  With more couples waiting longer to say ‘I do’ [31 for men, 29 for women], many acquire the items that are traditionally registered […]

Becoming a Fit Bride: Jump Into a Cardio Routine & Dress the Part

With roughly 5 months to go until our wedding, I’m still trying to get myself into a routine of working out on a regular schedule and eating better.  You would think that with my Vegas trip just a few short weeks away, I would have a little extra motivation to get fit and skinny… but […]

Nearly to Newly Gifted: Making Your Gift A Memorable One – Bridal Shower

Ah, wedding and baby registries.  A genius invention by the retail gods for brides and groom everywhere.  It makes the process of determining what every couple wants without having to play a guessing game.  What could be better?  One thing I recommend – a little creativity; some additional effort. While I love the idea of […]

Nearly to Newlywed: Let’s Eat

As you may have read in past posts, I feel like I’m really starting to check items off my wedding to-do list, so it continues to shrink [at least as much as it can with 6 months left to plan].  In the past couple of weeks we’ve knocked both our cake and food tastings off […]