Nearly to Newly Gifted: Making Your Gift A Memorable One – Bridal Shower

Ah, wedding and baby registries.  A genius invention by the retail gods for brides and groom everywhere.  It makes the process of determining what every couple wants without having to play a guessing game.  What could be better?  One thing I recommend – a little creativity; some additional effort.

While I love the idea of a registry, I feel like it sometimes it takes the personalization out of gift-giving… it doesn’t allow the gift-giver to explore their creativity or display their personality when giving the gift.  It’s a pretty automatic process of finding the registry and deciding what you’re going to buy.  But I think that process can be refined – at least for those who want to get creative with their gift and make it a memorable one.

Because I have a couple of weddings this summer, in addition to my own, I wanted to come up with a few ideas for creative gift giving that include items that are traditionally on many 20-something wedding registries.  Today’s post is going to focus on gifts for someone who loves to bake.


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Creating a memorable gift requires just a little bit of creativity , but I promise will have a lot of impact.  To start, choose one main item that will inspire the rest of your purchases – for this particular gift, I chose a book on cookie decorating.  I think a book is a great inspiration to start any gift – whether it be a book on baking, cooking, decorating, relationships, etc., it can provide inspiration for additional items to purchase, which can be determined by your budget.  Once your main item is picked out, choose items that correspond with that.  Because there are TONS of items you can buy that go with a cookie decorating book, I chose just a few of the basics – items that are at all price points.

The overall total of this gift was just under $75 (with tax it will probably be at or a little above). I realize this is probably more than what one spends on a bridal shower gift, but it would be a great gift for a group of girlfriends, coworkers or family members to go in on together.

Be sure to come back later for Part II of this series, which will feature another set of gift ideas for a different type of event.




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