Nearly to Newly Gifted: Making Your Gift A Memorable One – Housewarming Gifts

My fiance and I are at that age where a lot of our friends are buying their first homes.  Some of them are married, some of them are moving in with each other for the first time, some have been living together for years but wanted to invest in their futures together and some are single making that big step solo [ain’t nothing wrong with that].  It’s a really exciting time – and I’m so happy for them all!

I remember when we bought our first house I was so excited to get it ready to show off to my family and friends by hosting our first housewarming party.  Really, it was just one more excuse to host and entertain.  From talking with a lot of my girlfriends, I think they have the same thoughts – dinner parties, barbecues, birthday parties, family holidays, etc.  Some women are just naturally programmed to want to entertain [while others may be programmed to be entertained… I can be a mix of both at times].  Sadly, I never had a housewarming party.  We closed on our house at the end of April almost three years ago and it was a summer filled with weddings and other social obligations.  When we finally had time to really pull the house together it was just too late to host an actual “housewarming” party.  Sure, we’ve hosted friends, had some barbecues, thrown little shindigs, but I never had that honorary “first party” in our home.

BUT because I never had that, I want to make my friends housewarming parties extra special!  Show them a little love and congratulate them on the most expensive purchase they’ve ever made [makes it sound so grand that way, right?]  With that in mind, I’ve pulled together a little vision board to inspire you to share the joy with your family and friends, too!  This is just ONE idea of many… and I pulled this together because naturally I love entertaining and feel that no party is complete without a good cocktail [no, I’m not an alcoholic, I just love a great cocktail at the end of a really hard week… so there.]

Housewarming GiftSource: Beverage Tub  |  Coasters  |  Cocktail Shaker Set  |  Grey Goose  |  Cocktail Swatchbook  |  Chalkboard Drink Tags

This housewarming gift centers around bar entertaining and everything can all be reused over and over.  I went with a black, white and silver theme because it’s a pretty neutral color scheme.  The beverage tub can be used to hold all of your items and then hold drinks later. Coaster sets are great for indoor entertaining – if you know what colors your friends are using in their new home, match those.  Stores/websites like Etsy, Target, Amazon, Crate & Barrel, HomeGoods & TJMaxx are all great resources for finding adorable coasters.  Pair a book on cocktail mixing and a shaker set together – that’s sure to get you and your friends trying new drinks out [wouldn’t it be fun to have a different “featured drink” for every event!].  Throw in some drink charms so guests won’t forget whose glass is whose… just make sure they’re cute!  And lastly, throw in a bottle of booze for good measure – I’m a vodka girl so that’s why you see Grey Goose [that’s pretty top shelf liquor… I actually don’t buy this on a consistent basis, but treat your friends to the good stuff].

The cost of this housewarming gift is about $110 – which is probably a lot more than you’re looking to spend.  Chances are that you’re attending the party with a couple of other friends – see if they want to go in on it together!  If you get 5 friends together, each person can buy one item and add it – spending roughly $20 each… and I guarantee it’s a gift your friend will SURELY love! If you like going the solo route, there’s way to cut costs here – just do a little research.  I’m confident you buy all these items for less than $50 [maybe not the Grey Goose, but you can buy a good premium liquor for cheaper].

What are your thoughts on a housewarming gift?  What would you give your friends?  What would you like to receive?




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