Nearly to Newlywed: 8 Ways to Say Thanks to Your ‘Maids

I love giving gifts.  Like really love it.  Especially when it’s a gift that I’m really proud to give.  And, of course, to say thanks.  So that’s why planning out my gift for my best girls has been super fun, but super challenging.  One of my biggest goals when planning my wedding is staying practical […]

Becoming a Fit Bride: Build Yourself a Six-Pack [of abs…]

Ok, Ok, I know this is the second post Fit Bride post this week, but it’s fitting as we’re getting closer and closer to summer and that means SWIMSUIT season!   So today’s post focuses on one area that I’m always a little self-conscious of when donning my swimsuit – the abs.  Much like last […]

Nearly to Newlywed: My Take on a Thank You Note

I love stationery.  Like really love it.  So it should be no surprise that choosing all of my paper products for my wedding has been one of the most fun yet most challenging aspects of planning thus far.  I keep daydreaming of all the stationery pieces that need to be selected for each wedding – […]

Becoming a Fit Bride: Where’d You Get Those Arms?

You like that title?  It offered up a good chuckle for me… even if I’m the only one. Anyway, today we’re talking all about workin’ out those arms.  Arms are a tricky part of the body to exercise, especially as a woman, because you don’t want to become too beefy/muscular but you don’t want angel […]

Nearly to Newly Domestic: A Quick Weeknight Meal – Fajitas

As most of you may have noticed, I’m all for quick, easy meals!  But while I’m looking for ways to cut corners on prep and cook time, I have to be conscious of the ingredients I’m using to ensure they are good for ye old waistline.  Now, there’s one thing you should know about me […]

Nearly to Newly Vacationed: Where I’ve Been…. Vacation Recap

Oh hello Nearly to Newly readers!  I’m terribly sorry for the lack of posting lately. I have had a lot to do for my Vegas trip that has now come and gone… leaving me dead tired and worn out for the past couple of days.  I’m going to try to keep this short and sweet tonight […]