Becoming a Fit Bride: Where’d You Get Those Arms?

You like that title?  It offered up a good chuckle for me… even if I’m the only one.

Anyway, today we’re talking all about workin’ out those arms.  Arms are a tricky part of the body to exercise, especially as a woman, because you don’t want to become too beefy/muscular but you don’t want angel wings either [you know, that fat on the bottom of your arm that swings when you wave hi to anyone… I hope you know what I’m talking about].  For me, I want my arms just muscular enough to avoid the angel wings but no too muscular that I look like I’m going to star in a bodybuilding competition.  This look is achievable, right?

Ok, enough rambling from me… let’s get into the exercises!  Here are FIVE moves you can incorporate into your workout to make those arms toned and angel wing free.  Click each exercise to watch a video of how to do each of these exercises.

1. Incline Dumbell Curls

2. Rope Bicep Curls

3. Close-grip Bench Press

4. Overhead TRX Triceps Extensions [I’ll take her arms!]

5. Triceps Dips

To get you ready to work on those arms, here’s some motivation… arms that inspire me to work it out!

I’ll take those arms and abs, please!

I never realized how great of arms Jessica Biel has… wow!

Now, go throw these arm exercises together with some back exercises [I’ll go over these another week] and you’ve got a great workout for a rockin’ summer body.

What arm exercises are your favorites?  What area do you tend to focus on most for a hot summer body [or a hot body year-round]?




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