Nearly to Newlywed: My Take on a Thank You Note

I love stationery.  Like really love it.  So it should be no surprise that choosing all of my paper products for my wedding has been one of the most fun yet most challenging aspects of planning thus far.  I keep daydreaming of all the stationery pieces that need to be selected for each wedding – some optional, some necessary.  For instance, I want my wedding to include the following pieces of stationery: save the dates [already sent out – I’ll post on these soon]; invitation suite [includes invitation, RSVP and Details card]; custom thank you cards for bridal showers and bachelorette party; programs; escort cards; menu cards [one for each table, not one for each guest]; table numbers; favor tags; signage for the various tables and activities; custom thank you cards for our wedding party and parents; custom thank you cards for vendors, and; custom thank you cards for our guests.  Whew – that’s a lot of paper and a lot of creating!  But I’m so looking forward to it!

While I want to touch on every one of these pieces, today I want to start with some of my favorite wedding Thank You notes from Etsy.  I think Etsy is such a great source for paper needs for every occasion.  It’s also a great source of inspiration when thinking about what you need for your event – I would have never thought about using custom thank you cards for my family and bridal party but after I saw it on Etsy I’m totally sold on the idea.

Now, you may not LOVE all the choices I’ve grabbed.  Personally, I’m not a huge fan of thank you notes that are pre-printed and sent out – I think it’s somewhat lazy of the couple – so you won’t see any of those in this curation.  Here’s what I think that way: your family and friends take time out of their lives to come celebrate your day with you – often they spend a decent amount of money on travel expenses, possibly taking time off work and buying you a gift – I think each couple should spend the time writing a handwritten thank you note.  Yes, I understand that some weddings are ginormous [TRUST me… I’m sure I’ll be eating my words when it comes time to writing my thank you’s because our wedding guest list is so large] but there’s something special about receiving a handwritten note in the mail.  It shows that the couple actually took time to remember you being a part of their day… and that they really appreciate it. Or, maybe it’s just because I think handwritten letters/notes are a lost form these days.  Maybe it’s just because I love stationery so much.  Whatever it is, you can bet that you’re going to get a handwritten note from me for any and all thank you’s I send out.











As you can see, I tried to compile a group that would work with any wedding style – elegant, classic, fun, modern, laid-back, etc.  The navy strip with coral boxed outline is just adorable – this is definitely a design I could see with my wedding [but that might be because it’s navy and navy is one of my colors].  I also really love the first design [Thank You from the future Mrs….] – such a cute idea!

Which thank you is your favorite in this group?  How do you feel about designing your own stationery for your wedding?  What’s your take on pre-printed thank you’s vs. handwritten thank you’s?  I’d love to hear from you!




PS – if you know an Etsy shop owner who would love to have their products featured, send them my way!  I love finding new products [especially stationery] to share with others!



One thought on “Nearly to Newlywed: My Take on a Thank You Note

  1. Oh man, so hard to choose. As you know, I also ADORE stationary. I think the navy stripes and the mustache/lips card {however overdone that is} would be my favorites. Cannot wait to see what you choose for all these stationary choices!

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