Becoming a Fit Bride: Build Yourself a Six-Pack [of abs…]

Ok, Ok, I know this is the second post Fit Bride post this week, but it’s fitting as we’re getting closer and closer to summer and that means SWIMSUIT season!   So today’s post focuses on one area that I’m always a little self-conscious of when donning my swimsuit – the abs.  Much like last week’s “Where’d You Get Those Arms” post, I’ll cover 5 exercises that you can work into your routine to help strengthen and tighten those abs and help you develop a flat, sexy stomach!

1. 90-90 – so I was unable to find a video for this, so I’ll do my best to describe it.  Below is a screen shot of a V-cruch midway through, a 90-90 is very similar, only there is no crunch motion.  Sit on the ground and put your legs in a 90-degree angle, with your heels parallel to the ground.  Once set, put both hands on each knee and push, activating ab muscles.  Hold for at least 40 seconds for 3 sets and build time as weeks go on.

90-90 Ab Exercise

2.  Stability Ball Plank Roll Outs

3.  Single Leg Plank

4.  Bird Dog

5.  Side Plank Rotation

Add a few sets of these exercises into your workouts each week and you are on your way to a flatter, tighten tummy in no time.




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