Nearly to Newlywed: 8 Ways to Say Thanks to Your ‘Maids

I love giving gifts.  Like really love it.  Especially when it’s a gift that I’m really proud to give.  And, of course, to say thanks.  So that’s why planning out my gift for my best girls has been super fun, but super challenging.  One of my biggest goals when planning my wedding is staying practical and that means being practical for everyone involved – including our wedding party.

With all of that said, I really wanted to look for a dress that my ‘maids could wear again – and I’m not just saying that!  I also wanted to make sure that the shoes were something that were neutral enough to wear again [and didn’t look like total bridesmaid shoes].  With their outfits in mind, I also want to make sure the gifts I give are something they’ll reuse… not something that’s just going to be thrown in the back of their closets.  I’ve searched the web and have come up with some of my favorite ideas – some of these ideas you could probably make yourself, some you’ll just have to order.  They’re also all available on Etsy, which is an amazing resource for brides planning their day – and you’re supporting small business, not “the man”.

Personalized Robes
I love the idea of personalized robes for my bridesmaids.  This is definitely a gift that they can use again and again and again.  Package these with a cute and comfy pair of slippers and you have the perfect pamper gift – not to mention this will make for an awesome photo op!  Give these to your girls before the wedding and have them wear these while getting ready!

Bridesmaid Robes


Personalized Overside Button Down
A great alternative if you don’t necessarily like the robe option.  Another great opportunities for some fun photos and a great piece to have your girls wear while they are all getting ready for the day.  This is another item that they can use over and over when getting ready for the day or night!

Bridesmaid Button Down


Clutches filled with beauty goodies
Clutches are very practical when it comes to your wedding – it will allow them to carry all of their goodies around for the day.  Fill it up with some fun beauty goodies and include your day of timeline in there so they know what’s going on for the day.  Now, because there are so many clutch styles out there, you have so many choices!  Do you want to give a simple clutch, one that matches your theme, mix-matched styles, different sizes, fabrics or shapes?  Maybe you want to buy them based on the personality of each girl?  Whatever you want to do, make it practical and fun!

Bridesmaid Clutches

Left: Source  |  Right: Source

Personalized Makeup Bag
Another great item to fill up with goodies for your girls!  And, of course, something that’s reusable for years to come.

Cosmetic Bag


Personalized Stationery
After last weeks ‘My Take on a Thank You Note’ post, it should be no surprise I’m adding this idea in the group. I think this is a great way to really personalize a gift.  If you’re crafty, this is a gift that you can you create yourself by grabbing a cute monogrammed stamp and some coordinating envelopes, throw in a couple of cute pens and you’ve got a perfect gift!  If you’re not so crafty and prefer to have the “pros” do it, Etsy is a great place to shop for personalized stationery!

Personalized Stationery


Jewelry is a very popular gift to give your bridesmaid, especially if you have something in mind for your day and don’t want your girls to have an added expense to pay for.  I think this is a great gift if it’s something they’ll want to wear again – not some costume jewelry [well, unless they’re in to that kind of jewelry].  I love all of the cute monogram necklaces out there, but one of my favorites are the infinity necklaces, bracelets and rings – such a cute way to tell your girls you’ll always be there for them.  And how fitting for a wedding, right?



I love the idea of a really cute, reusable tote for your girls.  This is another gift you could do yourself that your girls can use for the wedding to store all their stuff in while getting ready, and bring to the hotel.  I love little bags like these – they’re perfect for the beach, as a little overnight bag, a bag to hold gym stuff in, etc.  If you don’t trust yourself to make the bags as cute as you’d like, again, shop Etsy – so many great finds on there!

Monogramed Tote


Monogrammed Coffee Mug
This is a gift your girls are sure to use over and over – whether it’s for tea, coffee, hot cocoa or as a pen holder!  Pack these with some little goodies [think tea packets, flavored coffees or hot chocolate] and you’ve got a cute, inexpensive item to add to your gift package!  Again, this is another DIY project – use a sharpie and write the letter of each girls first name, her full name, or anything you want and bake in your oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes and you’re set!  Again, if you don’t trust yourself to make it as cute as you want it to be, check out Etsy or search the ‘net for more ideas!

Personalized Coffee Mug


So, there you have it – 8 great ideas to get for your ‘maids!  Would you use any of these as gifts for your girls?  I know some of them are on my watch list – once the wedding is over, I’ll let you know what I ended up choosing!  What other ideas do you have for bridesmaid gifts?  What about groomsmen gifts?  We’ll cover that another week!




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