Becoming a FitBride: Get Your Run On

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a FitBride post, so this week we are back with a cardio challenge and a little throwback to some of my favorite songs!

This was a cardio workout that one of our groomsmen challenged his clients to a few weeks back so I know it’ll get your heart pumping and those legs moving [I’ve read his clients’ responses]!  As I’m sure you’ve all read in past posts, I’m not a lover of cardio – I would rather spend my hour-long workout pluggin’ away at strength training instead of on a treadmill or elliptical.  BUT I need it – that’s where we have a chance to burn the most fat [if done correctly].  So get ready for a doosie:

Start treadmill at 0 incline and increase 1 incline every minute until you high 15 incline [16 minutes] then bring the incline down to 0 and finish the remaining 4 minutes.  Record the total distance covered in 20 minutes.  Test yourself every other week to see how long it takes you to increase your distance!  Remember: NO HOLDING ON!

So – how do you think you’ll do?  This will be a hard one for me as I don’t even like distance running… let alone distance running at an incline!  I’m planning on giving this challenge a go this week – if I’m not too embarrassed by my results, I’ll let you know how it goes!

And because every runner needs some good tunes to get you in the groove, I pulled together a list of “throwback” songs to get you through your cardio workout [ok… maybe it’s to get me through this cardio challenge].

There you have it – some of my favorite workout songs from the early 2000’s.  These songs more or less remind me of the days my girlfriends and I would go out and dance the night away… if you see me at the gym, please don’t judge if I break out into a hip shake! 🙂

What are some songs that are you on your ‘must play’ list when it comes to working out? Do you dread cardio days as much as I do?




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