Newly Craving: What I Want NOW!

This past Friday was my 27th birthday.  UGH – each year the birthdays get harder and harder because it’s a constant reminder that I’m not exactly where I want to be at my age.  Growing up I was always the girl who had big dreams of an amazing career [I always wanted to be a successful journalist, writing for Cosmo magazine], getting married and starting a family and having the perfect life.  Wow, was I delusional – most lives don’t end up like that!  As I got older, my career goals shifted a little, but I can tell you that I’m not doing what I expected I’d be doing at my age.  Some days I just feel like I’m settling, other days I try and think if my career goals are just too crazy [after all, I want to tie like 6 different careers into one path].  Of course, a lot of the career goals I have for myself now are for industries that are extremely competitive and require a lot of experience… most of which comes at the expense of not being paid.  What’s a girl to do?  Keep dreaming and pursuing it, I guess.

Anyway, that little tangent isn’t what this post is all about – it’s about all the things I want to spend my birthday money on… here’s just a sampling of what’s on my list!

What I Want Wednesday (6.12)


The Digital Photography Book – Part 1 (2nd Edition):  This past winter I finally pulled the trigger on buying a digital SLR camera – a purchase I’ve been coveting for a really long time.  However, since buying, the camera has stayed tucked away and not used because I literally have no idea what I’m doing with it!  With summer finally showing up, I really want to take the time to learn how to use it and I’ve heard nothing but great things about this book series by Scott Kelby.  This is already in my cart on Amazon and I plan on purchasing the remaining books once I get used to my camera.

Wald Standard Bicycle Lift Off Basket: My birthday gift from the boy was a shiny new bike [that I’m absolutely IN LOVE with] and I really wanted to put a cute basket on the front.  This kind of ties in with my other two wants for this week because it’ll offer a great storage solution for storing my camera bag when I’m out and about trying to find cool places to take photos [you know, once I learn how to use the camera].  I like this basket because I can take it off my bike if we decide to take it to some trails.  Also, we have some cool farmer’s market around the suburbs and in downtown Minneapolis so I could always take my basket off to store all my farmer’s market treats.

Missy Mint Jo Totes Camera Bag:  When I bought my camera back in January, I bought a package deal that included the camera body, two lenses and a bag.  Let me tell you, the bag, while functional, is big and clunky and not cute at all.  And because I like the idea of having a fashionable bag, I’m obsessing over this Jo Totes camera bag.  The bag is large enough to fit a camera, a lens or two, battery charger and a 13″ MacBook or iPad. Even better, you can remove the padding for the camera and use the bag as a carry-on or every day bag if you really want to.  Honestly, how cute would that Mint bag look in my bike basket?


The new bike I got for my birthday

With most of my money going to my wedding these days, I promised my parents and my fiances parents that the money they gave me for my birthday would go to something non-wedding related… so I’m going to keep that promise! 🙂

What’s on your Want List?  How do justify purchases on your list? Do you save up? Splurge?  Or just keep it on a list for gifts from family and friends?  Depending on the purchases, I’d say I’m a saver [definitely for those purchases that are higher in price, like that camera]… but I can definitely be all three.  There’s items that were on my birthday list that have been on there for quite some time, but I’ll list those out in a later post.




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