Weekend Wants: Gold Edition

Happy Weekend, errbody!  I hope your days of rest are off to a great start.  Mine’s been filled with relaxation and some errands… and now a little motivation hunting to go through our kitchen cupboards.  We have wedding gifts scattered all around the house that need to find their new home but first I need to purge through our previously loved items and find them a new home [even if that means someone else’s home].  I feel like this should be exciting but I’m just really dreading it.  So I decided that to push it off a little more, I’d pull together my list of weekend wants… it’s been a nice little distractions!

I’ve been really in love with gold lately. Like really in love.  Now this may not seem weird to you, but it shocks me a bit because I’ve never really liked it.  Now I find myself flocking to anything that has a hint of gold in it – stationery, pillows, glassware, lamps, photo frames, monogrammed necklaces… you name it!  I actually found an adorable drink set at an antique shop while the hubby and I minimooned in Duluth that I’m totally kicking myself for not buying.  It included a pitcher with stir stick and six tumblers that were clear with gold polka dots for only $25.  Seriously, who passes that kind of deal up?!  Obviously not a sane woman…

Today I have pulled together some fun gold items that I would LOVE to add to my home – whether it’s in the kitchen, bar area, on the bed or in the office.  Gold is a great accent color anywhere and everywhere!


I love this drink set.  It’s not as cute as the set I saw in the antique shop, at this set is much more expensive, but I love the contrast the gold brings.  How adorable would this be on a bar cart?


These fun stationery cards from the Two Rubies Etsy shop just knock my socks off.  If I ever received something like this in the mail I’d keep it forever [seriously, I’m kind of a stationery hoarder like that].  I’d also feel like the best friend, daughter, sibling, etc. in the world to send an awesome note like this in the mail.  Two Rubies has got some great design taste!


How awesome are these monogrammed low ball glasses?  Not only are they monogrammed in gold BUT they have the right letter on them for this girl!  I definitely added these Etsy glasses from SEVENTHandJ to my favorites.  And they’re only $13 for the set.  Seriously, can you beat that?! [this may inspire a DIY project!]


These awesome snake skin coasters from C. Wonder are pretty awesome.  The gold color would go great in my neutral-colored living room while adding a little texture.  However, at $48 a set, I may be keeping them on my wish list instead of my to buy list.


This gold serving tray from Amazon is just plain ahhh-sum.  I would totally love to put this in our spare bedroom with a cute vase of flowers and some vintage looking books and a yummy smelling candle.  It’s $60 so I think I’m going to keep my eye out for a tray elsewhere that I can spray paint.  That seems like a more affordable option.  I’m betting the hubs would like that better, too.


OK, if you don’t love these anchor and gold striped note cards from Amelia presents you need to get your eyes and head checked out!  I absolutely love the envelope liner and I love the nautical look.  These would be the cutest note cards for a nautical themed party!


Last but not least, these gold votives from Z Gallerie are definitely on my to buy list.  They would look great all over my house and I’ve read reviews that the candlelight glows nicely.  For only $20 for 12 these are definitely a great buy!

It looks like I’ve got some DIY projects to test out in the next few weeks to try to save myself a little money.  I’ve also got a few purchases in my future!

Have you found yourself loving a new accent color?  Is there a particular color that you seem to always be drawn to when you’re shopping?




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