Newlywed: One Month as a Wife and a Name Change

Today marks one month to the date of our wedding.  It’s so hard to believe that I’ve been a wife for a month already!

Married life hasn’t felt any different to me than engaged life did.   Our daily lives haven’t changed, partner responsibilities haven’t really changed… but I am much more conscious of my spending habits now that we are combining our finances.  Although I have always been really good with my money, I now how to think about how this affects the hubs, too.  I wonder if he’s thought the same way?

We finally received our signed and notarized marriage license in the mail on Saturday and will be making my way to the Social Security office to get the legal documents started.  I can’t believe how many places house my maiden name that will need to be changed.  In addition to going to the social security office to update my card, I need to stop at the DMV to get my driver’s license updated and then it’s on to all the little things.  Below is the list of places I can think of – can you think of any other’s I’ve missed?

– Bank account
– Student loans
– Credit cards
– Work documents [payroll, health insurance, etc]
– Car insurance
– Mortgage documents
– Utility bills
– Doctor and dentist offices
– Veterinarian office [do I have to change Pebbles’s last name too?!?!]

I have some upcoming posts schedule for ideas on keeping a marriage happy and healthy – including some fun fall date ideas!   Be sure to stop by and check out the different ideas!



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