Life Through a Lens – Some Awesome Fall Photos

Today marks the first official day of autumn – one of my favorite seasons [at least in the beginning before it turns too chilly].  We should officially hit temperatures where we can don a riding boots, chunky scarves, leather moto jackets and oversized sweaters… some of my favorite items of clothing!

There are many reasons why I love fall besides the attire [and the football, which I went over in last weeks post] – visits to the pumpkin patch and apple orchard, hayrides, bonfires that require sweatshirts and drinking spiked hot chocolate, coffee shop Sunday’s with my bestie, and of course how gorgeous it looks outside with the leaves changing color.  I honestly believe some of my favorite nature photos have been taken during the fall season – the leaves in Minnesota are just gorg.  In fact, there are guided tours all around the state that offer up a few hours to explore the wonderful scenery – that’s something to definitely add to my bucket list [probably after I know my way around my DSLR camera a little better].

My love for fall photography is really what inspired the post for today.  I’ve found a handful of awesome images from around the web to share some of my favorite photographs [I’ll be honest, I could have added many more to this post but I didn’t think you would want you to spend your whole day looking at beautiful fall photos… but I guess there would be worse things to do.]. I look forward to taking photos like these to eventually use to decorate my house to match the seasons – or keep up year-round if they’re just perfect enough!






Aren’t these awesome?  Some of these would look so great in a black frame next to some gourds or a rustic wooden frame in your entry way [or is that just my entry way?].  I’m excited to take my camera out and start finding places to shoot.

If you are like me and are looking to play with your camera a little this fall season, but need a little inspiration, check out this awesome list of 50 Fall photo ideas on Photographie J’Adore’s blog – it’s printable so you can take it with you when you’re out exploring!  I plan on printing this out and taking it with me the next couple of weekends so I can get some practice on the new camera.  I’ll share what I come up with – but only if they are a little bit good. 🙂

What season is your favorite for photography – if you have one?  Why do you think you’re so drawn to photos from that season?  Do you have a favorite season to take photos?  I’m still figuring out my camera so I’ll tell you once I’ve had a chance to go through all four seasons!

Be sure to stop by this week to get some more fall inspired ideas!



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