Dress Me Up and Take Me Out – A Beauty Review: Ulta Mascara

Today kicks off a new series I’ll sporadically have on the blog – reviewing beauty products.  Now, if there’s one thing you should know about me it’s that I don’t spend a ton of money on any kind of beauty product, which includes make-up, hair products, skin care, etc.  I think it’s because I fear spending so much money on one little product only to find out I have a bad reaction to it, or hate the color… then it just goes to waste.  For those of you who may think I have been living under a rock and didn’t know about Birchbox – I do and I actually had it for 5 or 6 months.  While I loved the idea, a lot of the samples were products I would never use or weren’t in a color I would wear.  For instance, an uber deep red-purple lipstick just isn’t something this girl can pull off with super skinny lips!  I do think I’ll get myself on the Ipsy waiting list though – we’ll see how the samples in that service compare to Birchbox.

Anyway, today’s post is going to be about some new mascara I tried.  I’m a lover of mascara but have the hardest time finding a product that does what I want it to – which is plump and lengthen [I know, I know – isn’t that what every woman’s looking for?].  In the past, I’ve had the most luck with using two different kinds to get the look I’m going for – usually one for the plumping and one for the lengthening, which is the same logic I followed when I went out and bought some new mascara.

Beauty Review - Ulta Mascara

Ulta has its 21 Days of Deals going on right now and some of the Ulta brand products are included in the sale.  All of the eye and lip products are on sale for $4 – which included mascara, eye liner, eye shadow and lipsticks/stains.  So I didn’t feel bad when I bought 2 – the Lash Blow Out, which is supposed to lengthen and define, and the Voluptuous Volume, which is supposed to lengthen and thicken.

Now, time for the review.  I’ve used both of these mascaras a couple of different times and to be honest I’m not loving either. The brush on the Lash Blow Out holds a lot of mascara and then clumps up my eyelashes into three spider legs.  It also takes forever for it to dry which is a huge pet peeve of mine because then it gets all over my the top of my eyes.  The Voluptuous Volume brush doesn’t seem to hold any product so it feels it’s uncomfortable when trying to apply.  So no product equals no volume which equals no use to me.  Even with multiple coats, there was no volume on my lashes so I’m on the hunt for my next mascara.

What mascara is your favorite?  Do you have a certain technique when applying or shopping for new product?  I’ll share another update when I find my next mascara victim!  Also, stay tuned for my review on a new BB cream I tried and some eye primer… another purchase from my Ulta trip!



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