Life As a Newlywed: Fall Date Ideas – Outfit Inspiration

Happy Sunday, friends!  Sorry for the quiet front on the N2N this past week but we’ve been crazy busy with house stuff and our home is in disarray.  As you may have read in Wednesday’s post, this past week was a doozy for us – our main pipeline backed up, we thought our washing machine went out [thanks to my lovely dad who came over and saved the day… and a few hundred dollars!], and we completely ripped up our carpet in our living room, which means our living room furniture is scattered all around our main level.  So it hasn’t been a fun week for this girl.

Anyway, I had this post planned for this week but never got around to finishing my boards on Polyvore so alas it’s getting published now!  Today’s post is a follow up from last week’s Fall Date Ideas and is supposed to help with some fun outfit inspiration [OK – it might be that I just really love perusing Polyvore and it was an excuse to pretend I have all these fun clothes in my closet.  Hey… a girl can dream, right?].  To me, fall is all about riding boots, skinny jeans, sweaters, scarves and cute jackets.  It also gives you a chance to spend a couple of weeks in sweatshirts or sweaters without having to throw on that bulky winter coat.

I may have mentioned this in past posts, but I’m pretty frugal when it comes to shopping.  It’s really hard for me to justify clothing purchases that are really expensive, which is why you’ll find me shopping at stores and sites like H&M, Forever 21, Target, Amazon [not a traditional choice but they have a ton of cute stuff!], Modcloth, and ASOS, amongst others.  Also, a quick side note, if you haven’t checked out Poshmark already, you must!  I just registered for an account last week and I’m a little addicted; I haven’t bought anything yet but there’s definitely a ton of stuff on there that I could!  Anyway, I mention this frugality because most of the items in these inspiration boards are under $50!  There is no reason you can’t dress fashionably on a budget.

Check out my Polyvore board to find out where you can buy these items and how much they cost

Wondering what to wear on your pumpkin patch excursion?  Something simple, comfy and easy to wash.  This is no time to wear your 4″ stiletto boots, diamond earrings or overly priced Coach bags.  This date is for old jeans, a comfortable pair of boots, a sweater or sweatshirt and crossbody bag.  You should plan on getting a little dirty because let’s be realistic, you’re exploring nature; you’re picking out pumpkins and apples, you’re sitting on hay, maybe petting some animals.

Check out my Polyvore board to find out where you can buy these items and how much they cost

I really, really want to go on a fall foliage tour this year but the weather has turned cold and gloomy the past few days in Minneapolis.  If I get the chance, I would totally rock an outfit like this, and to be honest, I have a lot of items already in my closet.  Like the pumpkin patch and apple orchard, you’ll want to make sure you’re comfortable for this date.  If you’re out walking around, you’ll want to make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes [like I mentioned above, I’m a sucker for riding boots].  Why not pull together an outfit that’s inspired by the fall colors – like these totally awesome cranberry colored jeans and scarf.  Make sure you grab your camera because there will be plenty of photos to take – and don’t forget to carry it safely in your camera bag [I love this black bag by Jo Totes].  And don’t you just adore that little camera ring… so cute!

Check out my Polyvore board to find out where you can buy these items and how much they cost

A vineyard tour and wine tasting was really the only date idea I came up with that involves dressing up a little bit.  I’m a huge lover of maxi dresses these days and I think they’re the perfect fall staple.  This beautiful merlot-colored maxi is a cool $27 on Dorothy Perkins – perfectly priced to add to your closet this season.  A casual jean jacket will ensure some added warmth for a chilly fall day and the perfect flats allow you to be comfortable when walking the vineyard grounds.  Dress it up a bit with a long gold necklace and ring and you are set for an enjoyable day of wine drinking.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

You may notice that I don’t have outfit ideas for some of the other date ideas I threw out in last weeks post.  I believe that the outfits above can be used for those date ideas, too.  The pumpkin patch and apple orchard outfit can be worn both on the hot air balloon ride and haunted house and bonfire – just make sure to grab a sweatshirt for the cooler weather!  And the fall colors tour outfit can definitely be used for antique shopping – if you’re in Minneapolis, you can combine these trips with a simple trip to Stillwater! 🙂




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