Nearly to Newly Inspired: The Home Decor Edition

I’ve officially been bitten by the decorate my home bug.  I can’t. stop. thinking about it.  I find myself wandering the internet trying to figure out what we’re going to do in all rooms of our house to make it more us.  We have lived in the house for more than three years and have done very little to give it any personality.  Neither one of us were really in a place financially to go out and splurge on decor [let me rephrase that, I wasn’t in a place financially to decorate our house and my now-hubby didn’t really care what our house looked like so long he could watch his beloved sports on the 50″ TV].  Now that the wedding is over and we’re a little older, I think we are finally in a good spot to start thinking about what we want to do with our home.  It helps that we received some fun stuff from the wedding, too.


Like I said, I’ve been wandering around the internet finding inspiration for how to decorate.  I’m trying to focus on our bedroom, living room and entryway at the moment.  I’m in the middle of creating vision boards for each of these rooms, so be on the lookout in the coming weeks for those.  In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite sites to use for inspiration.

  • Pinterest – we all knew this would be my favorite go-to because there is just so much damn inspiration and searching for ideas is easy peasy.  I’ve created a board that’s simply for house decor ideas, but I’m thinking now that they need to be divided out by room.  I say that because I get decorators ADD and find myself getting pulled into ideas for other rooms instead of focusing on the room I’m trying to decorate.
  • Houzz – If you haven’t checked out this website for decor inspiration then you are truly missing out.  Much like Pinterest, it’s a place for you store all your decorating and design ideas in one spot.  Allowing you to search by room is really nice because there’s no distraction for rooms that can wait to be touched [see Pinterest excerpt above].
  • HGTV – seriously, the site, the TV network, the magazine, the iPad app, I just love everything HGTV related.  Not my first go-to for inspiration but definitely a place to check out.  If you have an iPad and haven’t downlowed the HGTV app yet, be sure to do so!  And if you’re interested in magazine subscriptions, I would highly recommend their magazine for some serious eye-candy.
  • House Beautiful – another great magazine and site to reference.  There is a lot of inspiration and ideas on this site that could really get your checkbook in trouble if you allowed it to!

Now that I’ve gone through my favorite websites, let’s touch briefly on my favorite blogs.

  • Live Love DIY – I’m in love with every.single.project posted on this blog.  Virginia, the writer behind this favorite of mine, does an amazing job giving you step-by-step instructions on each project and writes it out so effortlessly.  I totally wish I could find some of the amazing thrifted items she comes across… and the creativity she has is mind-blowing!  Always a favorite to catch up on!
  • The Everygirl – OK, so this site isn’t really a home decor site, but they have home tours that I can’t wait to peruse through whenever they’re posted.  Overall, I really, really enjoy this site but I really love the Living and Home Tours which is why  had to add it to the list.
  • Glitter Guide – Just like the Everygirl, this site isn’t just focused on home decor but they have some really awesome home tours that sometimes make me wish that I had a home to myself that I could decorate all girly like the ones featured.  Then I snap back to reality and think about how much I love my hubby and those naughty thoughts drift away until the next home tour feature.
  • Liz Marie Blog – I love all of the DIY projects and home photos she shares on her blog.  This is definitely a great place to look for crafty redo’s and DIY decor.
  • Young House Love – one cannot forget YHL in the list of blogs to follow for house decor inspiration… and plenty of DIY tips.  I’m a relatively recent follower to this blog and I’m excited to watch their new home come to life with all the upcoming projects they have planned.  If you haven’t checked this blog out yet, you don’t know what you’re missing!
  • 7th House on the Left – I think this blog is comparable to the Young House Love blog.  I love all the before and after posts and they do it inexpensively. To me, that’s uber important because we aren’t millionaires over here.
  • Centsational Girl – Another great blog that offers a lot of DIY tutorials for home decor and offers tons of inspiration for decorating.  And on the cheap… gotta love that.

Where do you turn for home decor inspiration?  Do you change your decor based on the season or find yourself redecorating after a few years?




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