What to Wear: Fall Wedding Guest

Hey y’all! We are getting closer to the weekend and I for one am truly looking forward to it!  This Saturday I get to hang out with some of my greatest girlfriends from college!  I can’t even remember the last time we were all together – probably at one of the girls’ weddings three years ago!  We’re heading up to Gull Lake on Saturday to have facials, lots of girl talk, dinner, drinks and a haunted house!  Should be a great night to catch up with all my lovelies.

The hubby and I have our second fall wedding to attend the last weekend of October and I have found that trying to find an outfit to wear to match the weather isn’t quite as fun as finding outfits for summer weddings.  You see, I love dresses and I love how more often than not, at least for summer weddings, you don’t need to bring some type of cardigan or jacket to keep warm.  A late October wedding in Minnesota isn’t so kind and some type of sleeve is a definite must.  Because of this, I sometimes find it hard to wear a dress unless it’s long-sleeved… which can look kind of frumpy on my body type.  So today I’m featuring three different skirted outfits that have sleeves and look good with some type of cardigan or blazer.

Like past fashion posts, I tried to stick with items that are under $50 [let me caveat this by saying each item is under $50, not the entire outfit].  If you are interested in checking out where you can get these items, head over to my Polyvore page and check this set out.

I’m trying to decide which outfit I like the best but I think it’s just too hard of a decision.  The first outfit reminds me a little of Carrie Bradshaw [oh, I die over SATC]; outfit two has the amazing orange skirt that just pops against the black and white.  As for outfit three, well I love anything navy blue so this outfit speaks to me.  Plus, you can’t go wrong with that Phillip Lim skirt from Target.  The contrasting wine-colored accessories really pop against the mustard and navy colors, too.

Which outfit is your favorite?  What do you like to wear to fall weddings – do you stick with fall colors [mustard, navy, maroon, etc.] or do you just wear any ol’ color?



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