Newly Inspired: Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Last week the hubby sprung some Halloween news on me – we were invited to a costume party one of his coworkers is throwing.  Now, normally I would be excited about said party, but the fact that I have had zero time to pull together a costume makes it a little stressful.

So yesterday, before my cousins wedding, I spent some time cruising the internet to find a costume that’s easy to pull together and won’t break the bank.  Ideally, a costume that I can also reuse items from for future wear.  I swear, the older I get the more I see the practical sides of things.  I remember spending like $80 on costumes and accessories in college; a time when I barely had any money to be able to buy groceries for the week but I managed to find money for costumes and booze.  Now, as I’m a little more established, I’m trying to find costumes that use items I already own or items that will benefit me in the future.  OR, if neither of those are a possibility, a costume that costs say, less than $40.  Let’s be real – there’s always going to be things I’d rather spend my money on than a costume that I’ll wear once and throw in the back of my closet.

Also in my pondering, and shameless time spent on Facebook post-Halloween the past few years, I’ve noticed that as we get older we try to make our costumes more creative and less slutty than my college years.  I still agree that Halloween is the one time of year that girls can slut it up and not be judged for it [ok, I still judge a little bit, but I’m more accepting of it].  While looking online for fun costume ideas I found myself thinking that I’ll be judged if I waltz in with a regular ol’ Halloween costume [i.e. sexy nurse, cop, sailor, etc.] and not something that was uber creative or was just like every young 20-something girls costume.  I need something easy and creative… holy pressure.

Below are some of the ideas I came across in my search yesterday; one of these lovely ideas also came from my brothers girlfriend as we were talking yesterday.

Carmen Sandiego: Any kid born in the early to mid-80s should know what I’m talking about here!  I really love this idea… and it seems really, really easy to pull together in a pinch.  Simply find a long red trench coat, a red hat, black gloves and boots [heels preferably] and this awesome briefcase [optional] and you’ve got yourself a costume.  Best part:  You can totally reuse the jacket, gloves and boots for everyday wear… or perhaps you have most of the pieces already.


Where’s Wenda:  Another easy costume to throw together – especially with the huge stripe trend that’s going on right now.  I’m sure you already own a pair of denim shorts or a denim skirt, so all you need is a red and white striped shirt, a red and white hat and some striped leggings [I think plain red leggings would work well too].  This is a great costume if you’re going to be bar-hopping, too, because it seems pretty warm!


The Tooth Fairy:  I think this is such a cute idea, and a costume that I haven’t really seen around a lot.  Now, this costume can show a little more skin than the other two ideas I’ve posted above, but I still think it’s tasteful.  Plus it’s creative so it definitely has points in its favor.  While you probably don’t have a white tutu laying around, it can easily be picked made or picked up [Amazon has some that are relatively inexpensive and if you have the prime you can get it with a couple of days to spare before your Halloween parties next weekend].  Buy a cute white tank, pastel leggings and throw together a cute felt tooth wand and you’ve got yourself an adorable costume.  Oh, and if you’re looking for a couples costume, have your man dress up as a tooth [directions for tooth costume found our source’s [Julie Ann Art] site.


Snow woman: Another tutu find, this is a really easy costume to pull together!  Simply get a white tutu, a plain white shirt, glue some “buttons” [I’m thinking black felt cut in circles], a scarf, and tights.  As you’ll see in the photo below, you can add a cute little hat to finish the look off.


Bank Robber: Another easy costume to pull together using items you more than likely own… and a few you may not.  This is a great costume for couples or solo and the DIYs are pretty easy for those of us who are challenged in the creativity department.


Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s:  I actually pulled together this costume a few years ago when I needed something quick.  I had an all black, high-neck dress, black heels and oversized black sunglasses and I went out and bought the cigarette holder, mini tiara and black gloves.


Girl from Sun Drop Commercial:  I absolutely love this costume idea!  This is the costume I was referring to above that my brother’s girlfriend recommended and if I had a little more time to try and find the t-shirt I would totally pull the trigger!  I’m still going to do a little digging to see if there’s some shirts at stores nearby [Hot Topic, Walmart, Target, etc.].  If you can find the shirt, the other items are an easy pick-up – a red headband, black leggings, leg warmers, sneaks [aka sneakers].  And if you choose to go as this awesome Sun Drop girl for Halloween this year, you need to own it and get down and boogy!


Well I hope you found something you enjoyed and inspired you for an upcoming costume party.  I’m guessing I’ll be choosing one of these for my costume, but who knows if something else will spring to mind between now and next Saturday.  I’ll share it in the coming weeks!

What DIY costume ideas are your favorites?  Have you pulled together a costume last minute that everyone just loved?  I’d love to be inspired by more ideas!



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