Nearly to Newly Engaged: Engagement Photos

Happy Hump Day, y’all!  A long time ago I promised I would show off our engagement photos that we took last fall and today’s finally the day I’ll post some!

Preparing for engagement photos can be quite time consuming [and stressful] but I think it’s totally worth it.  E sessions give couples the opportunity to see how their photographer works, how well they mesh together, a feel for being in front of the camera with each other, and provides for extra photos to share with family friends for years to come.  I think engagement photos can also help set the tone of the wedding and allows the couple to be a little goofier and show of their personalities together.

Engagement Photos 1 Engagement Photos 2 Engagement Photos 3 Engagement Photos 4 Engagement Photos 5 Engagement Photos 6all photos taken by Sarah Blesener Photography

We chose to take our photos at the Arboretum the weekend before Halloween [so ironically, one year ago from this past weekend].  Unfortunately there was a lot of little kids and some of the trails were barricaded off because of a Halloween event which took us on some crazy walks.   The backdrops with the large open fields and lots of leaves was just perfect for our vision.  We took the photos in late afternoon-early evening, right when the sunset was just perfect… which is my favorite time for photographs.

We had a three outfit changes:  a dressier look, a more relaxed and then our favorite sports teams.  If there’s one things our friends and family know it’s that we’re a house-divided when it comes to the NFL.  We wanted to showcase that we can still love each other even if we hate each other’s football teams.  Choosing the outfits was the most difficult part for me, and looking back at it now, I think I would change them.  I’m not 100% in love with the dress I chose and I definitely I’d choose a different outfit for my relaxed look.  The hubs looked good in all, so I wouldn’t have changed anything there.

I did a lot of research on photograph styles and poses and I pinned tons of ideas to Pinterest.  I then sent that link to our photographers so she could get an idea of the style I was looking for in these photos.  I’d strongly recommend every client to do this with photographers – it gives them such great insight to your style as a couple.

I’ll be back in coming weeks to talk about choosing outfits, different themes that I adore, best ways to bring out your personality in your photos and more, so be sure to keep an eye out!

If you’re engaged, do you plan on getting engagement photos taken?  If you are married, did you and your spouse have an e-session?  If not, would you want to if you could go back?





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