Nearly to Newly in Review: 2013 Recapped

Well, I have managed to do it again; I’ve gone almost an entire month without a post.  I’m terrible.  But 2014 is my year, I can just feel it!

I wanted to recap all that’s happened in 2013, even though you didn’t hear from me quite as much as I wanted had hoped.  When I started this blog back in January of 2013, I created a page that outlined the goals I had for the upcoming year.  I did this because I wanted something to hold me accountable, but to be quite honest, I totally forgot I created it.  I set out to make 2013 a great year, knowing that I was getting married in the summer and that I had a million life goals that I wanted to accomplish.  But as anyone who’s planned their wedding knows, there’s really no time to accomplish life goals when you have to decide on venues, color schemes, what food to serve, etc., etc.  So I must admit that a lot of my other goals were thrown to the wayside and not accomplished. Hashtag fail.


Today, the eve of New Year’s Eve, I wanted to review my 2013 goals and see how many were accomplished.  I’ve already started planning my goals for 2014 and I’m hoping I’ll have better luck achieving them.

1.  Start a Journal (and keep with it) – I failed miserably at this one.  I’m not sure I’m really the journaling type… I just love cute stationery.

2.  Have more “me” time – I think I did pretty good with this one.  This is definitely a goal that I’ll continue with into 2014.  This year I’d like to step out of the box a little more and go see a movie by myself, or go to lunch at a restaurant by myself.

3.  Begin a weekly cleaning schedule (and stick to it) – I didn’t do well with this one either.  This is one that’s I’m keeping on my list for 2014 and I’m hoping this year it’ll actually stick.

4.  Less TV and useless internet time and more time pursuing my dreams – this is a hard one to answer, but I’ll admit I could have done better.  Clearly I didn’t spend enough time blogging, which is one of my dreams, so I’m putting this in the “needs work” category.  Another goal that’s getting pushed over into the 2014 list.

5.  Take Pebbles on more walk and enjoy the Minnesota seasons – miserable, miserable fail.  Poor pup kind of got pushed to the wayside during all the wedding planning.  Chock up another goal for 2014.

6.  Save more, spend less – wahoo! A goal I actually feel I did well with.  This is going to just be a life goal because it’s always good to save, save, save.

7.  Entertain more (host at least 3 parties) – does the wedding count?!  If it does, that’s only 1 I hosted the whole year so it’s another goal that wasn’t accomplished.

8.  Read at least 1 book a month – I did okay with this goal, but wouldn’t say I accomplished it.  I didn’t read nearly as much as I wanted this past year so I’ve added this to my 2014 goals again.

9.  Start a blog about wedding and other interests (and blog 3x a week) – well the first part is checked off! 🙂  Now, to fix that second part…

10.  Take a photography class – well I didn’t take a class but I did sign up for one!  On January 19th I’ll take a composition class with one of my besties – totally looking forward to it.

11.  Take more photos – I guess I can’t really measure this one, but ever since I’ve downloaded Instagram I’ve used it a lot more!  I added this to 2014 again as I’d like to take a photo a day to document the year.

12.  Take a cooking class – I didn’t get around to doing this one but I’m really hoping to do it in 2014.  This is one of the items on my 30 before 30 list so I’d love to cross it off.

13.  Eat out less, cook at home more – another unmeasurable goal [maybe for 2014 I need to make these SMART goals] but I feel like I tried more new recipes.  I still think the hubs and I have a lot of adjusting to do when it comes to our eating out v. dining in ratio.

14.  Decorate the house – this one I definitely did.  Our home is not where I want it to be [we still have quite a few rooms that could use some extra sprucing], but it’s definitely better than it was a year ago.

15.  Repurpose 1 piece of furniture – well, if I didn’t have time to keep up with a blog it should be no surprise that this goal didn’t get accomplished in 2013.  This is another goal on my 30 before 30 so I’m not too upset I didn’t get to it.  I do have an idea of what piece of furniture I’d like to repurpose so I’m about a quarter-way there! 🙂

16.  Complete one Classroom in a Book – didn’t even open it. UGH!  I might adjust this one for 2014 since I really want to learn the Adobe series better.  I’ve checked out a few different classes that are available online that I am thinking I’ll check out first.

17.  Refinance house – WE DID IT!!!  I’m so happy that we checked this goal off the list because it’s saving us over $200 a month!  I guess this one relates somewhat to the “save more” goal!  Score.

18.  Complete 1 DIY project a month – another 30 before 30 goal and another one I didn’t get to in 2013.  This is also another goal that’s getting moved to the 2014 list because I’d really like to dive into my DIY skills [if I have any].

19.  Plan the BEST wedding EVER!!! – Done and done!  I had so many people tell us how awesome our big day – my hubby included!  I had an amazing day and so much fun!!

So it looks like I accomplished about a quarter of these goals.  Um… not so hot.  Here’s to hoping 2014 is filled with better results.  Come back to see what goals I’m hoping to achieve in 2014.

Happy New Year’s Eve eve!




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