Happy NEW Year: A Couples Goals for 2014

Happy New Year, friends!  I hope you all had a wonderful time ringing in the start of 2014 and kissing 2013 goodbye!  We had a few friends over and played some bags and drinking games.  Note to self:  your 27 year old self definitely don’t bounce back like your 22 year old self.  This morning was a doozy… but it wasn’t anything a little Mexican food and a Pepsi couldn’t fix.  Oh and a nap, a good hungover cure always requires a nap.


While the hubs and I indulged in our Mexican food we started talking about goals as a couple for the upcoming year.  This is the second year we’ve set goals together – although I must say that last year we weren’t very successful in completing our said goals.  We didn’t get as crazy with them this year, which will hopefully help us obtain them… and I definitely think they’re all obtainable.  Here’s a selection of our goals for this year [I’ll keep some just between us]:

1. Go on one date night a month
2. Finish decorating living room, master bedroom and spare bedrooms
3. Establish a weekly cleaning routine
4. Save and put at least $5,000 in savings account
5. Start and maintain budget [find an app or program to track]
6. Only eat out a maximum of 2x a week [this one can be broken under special circumstances such as friends in-town, birthday’s, special events, etc.]

Our goals pertained to our finances, home, health and of course, relationship.  By setting these goals together, it will help our relationship grow – especially in our first year of marriage.  I think it’s fun to set these goals together so that we have goals to strive for together.  Don’t get me wrong – we definitely still set our own individual goals [I’ll post more on my goals later as I’m still finalizing them for the new year], but now that we’re together forever, it helps to lean on one another to build our relationship and keep it strong.

Do you and your significant other set goals together?  I’d love to hear them!




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