Glam Squad: Ipsy’s January Glam Bag

Hiya friends!  I hope you survived your Monday back to work, or for those of you who didn’t have to work today [like me], I hope you enjoyed your day off!  This three day weekend was just what I needed after the past two never-ending weeks.  The hubby was out of town all weekend so I had the house to myself, which meant scratching off some of those to-do’s that I’d been wanting to do for a few months.  It felt great to finally get my desk moved from the basement to our spare room upstairs [I am super proud to say, too, that I did that all by myself today… but I’m not too proud to say that it was a lot of work… this Ikea desk is h-e-a-v-y!].  I’m not at all settled in but nonetheless I’m writing this at my reassembled desk in a much warmer room in our house.  But I won’t bore you with details of my to-do list; let’s talk about something much more interesting… like beauty products!

Over the past year I have tried out two different monthly beauty subscriptions: Birchbox and Ipsy.  Both of the brands, for those of you who don’t know what they are, offer beauty samples for a $10 monthly fee.  You fill out a profile online based on your beauty preferences [makeup style, skin type, hair type, etc.] and then 4-5 products are mailed to you each month based on your profile.  I subscribed to Birchbox for about 5 months but cancelled when I read the Ipsy reviews.  While I liked Birchbox, I found that none of the products I was being sent were products I would buy for every day use – they were either too expensive or just not items I would incorporate into my beauty regime.  Ipsy was more appealing to me for a few reasons:  a. the products are delivered in a cute cosmetic bag that matches each month’s theme; b. products are full-size and trial-size samples [so I really feel like I’m getting my money’s worth], and; c.  the cost of the products are much more budget-friendly [and you receive discounts each month on the products featured… sometimes those discounts are up to 40% off!].

Today I wanted to share with you the Ipsy Glam Bag I received this month.  I’m really excited to try out some of these products and hope to find something new and amazing!

ipsy glam bag

Here is a list of items in my January bag as well as the offers for each product:

Elizabeth Mott – Smooth Shadow
[offer: receive a free black Raven pencil with every item purchased]

Nourish Organic – Lightweight Moisturizing Face Lotion
[offer: 30% off Nourish Organic facial products]

Marula – Pure Marula Facial Oil
[offer: receive 20% off the 50ml Pure Marula facial oil]

MicaBeauty – Tinted Lip Balm
[offer: receive 45% off any purchase]

Absolute! – Makeup Cleansing Tissue
[offer: receive 30% off any purchase at]

I haven’t had a chance to try any of these products yet as I just received the box on Saturday, but I’ll be sure to review once I’ve had a chance to use them a couple of times.  If you’re interested in receiving your own ipsy bag each month, be sure to head over to their site and sign up now!

Tell me, do you subscribe to a monthly beauty service?  Which is your favorite and why?




3 thoughts on “Glam Squad: Ipsy’s January Glam Bag

    • I have yet to try it! I sometimes feel like a hoarder with my ipsy products! I’ll have to try it out this week. 🙂

      Love your blog, btw – great read for all the beauty boxes out there!

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