Life Through a Lens: Investing in a New Hobby

I’ve always had a love for photography so it’s no surprise that I saved and saved to get a digital SLR camera.  My saving paid off last January when I was finally able to purchase my first DSLR camera.  I was finally graduating from a point-and-shoot to a fancy schmancy DSLR… how exciting!  I bought a Canon EOS Rebel T3 kit, which included the camera body, two lenses, a memory card and camera bag.  I thought it was the perfect package for my beginner photography skills, and the reviews were great.

I used the camera only a couple of times in the past year; I brought it with when we took our “minimoon” up in Duluth and captured some cool photos at Gooseberry State Park and the Split Rock Lighthouse, and then I also brought it to a farm festival my family goes to each year.  Between both those events I probably took 400 photos combined, so not much use over the course of the year.  After using it for those two days I realized how little I knew about how to use my camera and that it was imperative to figure out all its functions in order to get my money’s worth.  So I knew a class [or multiple classes] were needed.  Bringing us to this past Sunday…

I had been watching Groupon like a hawk the past few months for deals on photography classes.  Because digital photography has been around for quite some time now, I figured there’d be some class out there to teach me what the hell to do with my camera… and I was right.  The Digital Photo Academy had a Groupon called “Composition in the Field” for $45 or one person or $90 for two people.  Well, my friend Ali had recently received her DSLR camera [the Canon Rebel T3, too] so we decided to sign up and take the class together.  And I’m so glad that we did!  The class showed us how to adjust shutter speed, aperture, the brightness of the photo, etc.  Some of the basic functions that I knew were available on my camera, just didn’t know how to get to them.  We touched briefly, too, on capturing the best composition for a photo to be more visually appealing.  Overall, it was a great class and I left feeling super excited about investing more time [and of course money] into my new hobby.

…So then comes Amazon.  That site eats up my paycheck on the regular. Seriously.  I have a new hobby to invest in, Christmas money to spend and goals to make!  And these said goals involve this blog.  Because blogging is a hobby I’d like to keep up, I’m figuring out ways to tie the two hobbies together.  One of the goals I set for my blog is to take and use more of my own photos for posts.  What better way to merge these two passions of mine than using them together?  So I’ve invested in a few new items that will hopefully help me become a better photographer, and of course, make this here blog a bit prettier with awesome photos.  Check them out!

DSLR Photography Must-HavesTripod  |  50mm f/1.8 lens for Canon  |  IR Infrared Wireless Remote

Photography Must-Haves16GB Memory Card  |  Memory Card Reader/Writer  |  Book  |  Book

I’m hoping these new items set me up to be on the right path to becoming a better photographer – both in my personal life and my blogging life.  I must say, I’m really excited to try out the new lens for blogging stuff; it’s supposed to be good for close-up shots.  Additionally, I plan to take more classes to understand all the functions of my camera so I can shoot more in manual mode.  And I’m sure I’ll come across some other accessories that I’ll have to have.  Until then, I’ll read my books, continue playing around with the functions I was taught on Sunday and test out my new products when they get here on Monday.

If you’re looking to work more on your photography skills, or get a better idea of how you can take better photos for your blog, check out the article that Courtney of Pizzazzerie wrote – I used a lot of her pointers when buying my new products.  I’m going to be on the lookout for some cute napkins/fabric swatches/patterns that I can begin using in my photos, too.  You can also check out her Pinterest board on Photography Tips and Tricks [I also started a board, too – feel free to check it out here].

Cheers to better photos in 2014!




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