Blog Love: a.wise approach

There’s something that I need to admit to you all:  I’m a blog fanatic.  I love, love, love reading what other people have to say and see what cool things they’re doing.  Some blogs I follow so much that I feel like I become their creepy cool friend from Minneapolis [that they may or may not know.  I need to get better about this… commenting on these blogs is on my list of must-do’s].  I love the cool ideas people have and how inspirational their life stories are.  Since my dreams are constantly changing, it’s fun to see people make it in blogging careers that evolved over time.  I don’t really want to be stuck in my corporate job forever and I’ve learned that these ladies [and a few guys] felt that same way and now they’re doing what they love… or doing it in tandem, trying to make their passion a full-time job.  How.  Cool.

As I strive to grow my own little blog, I get really excited when I find out that others want to start one, too.  Which brings me to today’s inaugural blog love post: a.wise approach.  My dear friend Ashley recently started a blog called a.wise approach where she writes about health, fitness and dreams. She has some pretty crazy achievements in the health and fitness world [degrees in Community Health and Human Movement, certified personal trainer, as well as a metabolic and nutrition coach] so the girl knows what she’s talking about.

Ashley and I get along really well because we both know what it’s like to have our dreams change/grow/evolve as we get older.  She recently left her job of 3+ years with the goal of finding something that excites her and brings unconditional happiness.  Head over to her blog and follow along on her journey for this “pursuit of happiness” and make sure to look around – I guarantee you’re learn a thing or two.

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2 thoughts on “Blog Love: a.wise approach

  1. I’m the same way. I really enjoy reading personal blogs and sometimes finding a circle of new friends all over the country that have the same passion as mine. I’m also big on commenting, too. Some people need a little boost of, “I get what you’re going through” to keep them motivated for the next post that I know I’m going to love to read! Way to go for showing some blog love!

    • I’m trying really hard to start commenting on blogs that I read instead of the being the “silent” reader. I think it’s a great way to show other bloggers a little love and that people are reading and enjoying their content. Thanks for the comment!

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