Blog Me: A Week of Good Reads

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, friends!  I hope you’re all enjoying the game.  I was a little surprised at how bad the Broncos got spanked in this year’s National Championship… it really ended up being quite the bore to watch.  From the beginning I was hoping the Broncos would win because I had to cheer for Minnesota guy Eric Decker [didn’t you know it’s your obligatory duty to cheer for the team that has players from your state?].  I was also cheering for the Broncos because I wanted to cheer against Percy Harvin because of how big of a diva he was the last season he played for the Vikings.  While he’s a phenomenal athlete, I don’t appreciate diva sports starts.


You may have noticed tonight’s post is a lot later than the past few Sunday’s.  I spent the day getting things done around the house so that I could sit and watch the game with the hubs.  We celebrated the “national” sports holiday by making a homemade pizza and enjoying a few adult cocktails.  I for sure wanted to get some fun posts to you so you can check them out tonight or in the coming days if you’ve consumed a few too many adult beverages tonight.  Enjoy!  🙂

:: I was excited to come across these Barre exercises on FitSugar.  I tried out Pure Barre for a couple of months while getting in shape for the wedding and my endurance got way better.  I should definitely practice these moves again to life.tone.burn.

::  Have you ever dreamed of your life looking like your pins on Pinterest?  If you answered yes, then this post from The Florkens is the perfect read for you!  And it has a totally good message at the end.

::  One of our couple goals [the hubs and me] for this year is to save more money, so naturally I enjoyed this post by A Bowl Full of Lemons with ideas on saving an additional $1,000 for an emergency fund.

:: I’m totally starting to get cabin fever, but with planning a honeymoon [and just having a wedding], we don’t have a ton of disposable income for random trips.  That’s why I loved this post by Jade and Oak on becoming your own local explorer.

:: Have you heard about how cold the weather has been lately? Ha. Well, I came across this hot drink recipe on Oh So Beautiful Paper and can’t wait to try it out.

::  This DIY heart print on Henry Happened would look perfect in our bedroom on our floating shelves.  I’m thinking a deep purple yarn would look great against our dark grey walls.

::  As a blogger who’s relatively new to the scene, this post on Delightfully Tacky was a refreshing read and one that I think all new and seasoned bloggers should read.

:: Do you ever think back to your college years and realize your views on life are so different from then to now?  I adored this post on Wifessionals, written to her college-aged self.  Makes you think about the things you’d say to yourself at that age.

:: Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away so I thought I would share this fun bar cart decor featured on College Prep. It shows that you don’t necessarily need booze to style the ever-so popular bar carts to make them cute!

We have some fun Valentine’s-themed posts coming up in the next couple of weeks so be sure to stop by to check them out.  If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen some of the things I’ve been up to for upcoming posts.

Have a great Monday, everyone!



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