Real Life: Getting It All Done

Don’t be scared by the title, but today’s post is a little different than posts I’ve published lately.  This post has been on my mind lately because I just feel like there isn’t enough time in the day to get to all the items I want to accomplish.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always been two things: a dreamer and a planner.  Now, for those of you who possess these two characteristics as well, you know that they often compete with one another.  You’re constantly dreaming of the life you want to live and planning out a route to achieve them.  But planning doesn’t alway pay off, at least immediately, and you’re stuck in this place where you’re just doing rather than living.  That’s where I feel I’m at.

Most weekdays are the same, I wake up to get ready for my full-time job at a media agency, usually thinking about all the other things I need to get done in that day to make my personal and future career goals a reality.  Lately I spend most of my workdays in meetings or focused on items that pertain to making someone else’s business flourish; putting tons of money into other people’s pockets [don’t get me wrong, I understand the way the corporate world works; it’s always going to be like that.  It also gives me a paycheck, for which I’m very thankful].  When the day comes to a close, sometimes at 5, sometimes later, I put together my to-do list of things to get done during my “personal” time, which is usually 4 or so hours.  As the night’s list concludes, it usually ends with a thought like this:  “how am I going to get all this shit done before bed?

My personal time is my sacred time and, like most of us, I have to choose what I do with it wisely.  There’s items that need to get done, like cleaning, working out, cooking dinner, going to the grocery store and running other errands.  And then there’s the wanted items that we all need to keep sane.  For me, it’s blogging, indulging in reality TV [Teen Mom 2 just started – is anyone else really excited about that?], cat naps, learning new skills/hobbies [photography, graphic design], catching up on other blogs, reading, going out for dinner/drinks with friends, etc.  So I ask, how’s a person to get all their needs and wants met with only 4 hours a day of “personal” time?


Lately I’ve been trying different methods to manage my time with these needs and wants.  You can ask my friends about my crazy obsession with planners [I currently manage three!] to try and keep my life and my goals straight.  I’m a huge list maker and loooove checking things off those lists so I feel like the planners help hold me accountable.  I’m challenging myself to mix my needs and wants for my personal time.  I know I need to keep a clean house and cook dinner, but I also know that planning and writing for my blog help keep me sane [as does a glass of wine with great friends and great conversation], so finding the balance in the two is what I think will get me to where I want to be, eventually.

So, tell me, how do you manage your “personal” time and getting all the things you want done in a day?  What do you do to make sure your tracking your goals successfully?  Do you ever feel like you’re just doing instead of living?



PS – I don’t even have kids yet! I have no idea how I’ll even be able to manage the want vs. needs during my personal time when personal time becomes virtually extinct. I tip my hat to you momma’s out there making your dreams a reality while working full-time and being awesome!


2 thoughts on “Real Life: Getting It All Done

  1. Oh my gosh, balancing all aspects of your life can be so hard! Fitting in work, errand/chores, personal time, relaxation and blogging…oh my. I feel like a failure many days, but all we can do is our best. And lists certainly help! I usually just accept that weekenights I’m simply not going to be very productive. After work, I’m too drained to do much more than make dinner and maybe one errand like getting gas. Then I just use my weekends to actually do things like housework, blogging, etc.

    • I’m starting to come the realization that I can’t get much done on weeknights, as hard as I try! This week has also solidified that if I don’t get my blog writing for the week done on Saturday or Sunday that it suffers. I never realized prepping dinner and cleaning it up would be so draining 🙂

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