The Travel Itch: From the “Minni” Apple to the Big Apple

Hello, friends and happy Thursday!  Right now I’m hunkered down at the Minneapolis airport, waiting to board my flight to New York!  I can’t express how absolutely excited I am to head out east for a few days.  My cousin [aka bestie] has lived in Brooklyn for the past two years going to school for sonography and I’ve been saying since the day she left that I would go visit… well now is my time!

I went to New York around 8 years ago with one of my girlfriends from college.  We went during the summer and stayed at her grandparents house in the Upper East Side.  It was super hot summer so we spent a lot of our time inside or at Jones Beach [and I wasn’t 21 yet] so I’m thinking this time will be a completely different experience.  For the past couple of weeks I’ve spent my time cruising the internet trying to figure out fun places to see.  I’ve packed my DSLR camera and plan on taking tons and tons of pics [that’ll make for a fun blog post later].  So, if you’re interested – here are some of the places I plan on checking out.  Also, if you follow me in Instagram you can see what I’m up to in real time.


Places to Photograph

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Heights Promenade
Pomander Walk
Little Red Lighthouse at George Washington Bridge
Central Park
Battery Park

Places to Eat

Dylan’s Candy Bar
Magnolia Bakery
Macaron Parlour
Lombardi’s Pizza

Places to Shop

Century 21 [I have to check it out!]
Gabay’s Outlets

Touristy Places


As you can see, I have quite a few places I want to see, eat and shop while I’m in the Big Apple.  I’m only there for a few days so it’s a lot to cram in, so a Minni Apple to Big Apple Part II might be in my future.

What places would you recommend I visit in NY or the surrounding boroughs?  What are you favorite places to eat? To photograph?  To shop?  I’d love best kept secrets!



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