A Fit Life: Getting Cardio Crazy

Happy Hump Day!  Does anyone else think it’s crazy that we’re already halfway through July?  Seriously, where is this summer going?  Every year it makes me sad how fast it goes and this year is no different.  I think I need to plan some fun weekend activities so that I can look back on this summer and remember it being a good one.  Who’s with me?

I realize it’s been quite some time since I’ve posted about fitness and my fitness goals.  My last fitness post was talking about my fitness goal of doing some type of physical activity once a day for 100 days [the 100 days until summer fitness challenge].  Well, I’m going to be very honest with you – I sucked at that challenge… and sucked hard.  I’m going to refrain myself from making excuses because if I wanted it hard enough I would have fought for it.  But I didn’t.  So, I’m challenging myself to a new fitness goal: running a half marathon this fall.

Here’s myself and the group of girls that participated in last weekend’s Color Run.  That’s me on the far right channeling my inner-Smurf

Let me back up before you start asking why I’m doing something so crazy when I hate cardio so much.  During my trip to New York to visit my cousin I signed up for the color run 5K that took place this past Sunday at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds [see photo above].  After we signed up, she mentioned that she wanted to run a half marathon this fall so she had a goal to work toward once she graduated from school.  Let me tell you, I totally thought she was crazy and wanted no part of a half marathon but as we talked about goals and striving to start and finish something, she talked me into.  When I got home I ran the idea by the hubs, who responded with a “ha, OK Cammi… I’ll believe it when I see it”.  That just fueled the fire even more – I need to prove that I can force myself to train for this milestone run.  For those of you wondering, he’s taking me more seriously now that I’ve focused on a running plan and even suggested he might run a half with me, too.

So, what’s a girl to do with no cardio training under her belt?  Like seriously, no cardio because I hate it.  Well, find a great training plan that gets you from couch to 5K followed up by a plan that’s couch to half marathon, of course.  I found a great training plan for an interval running for my couch to 5K run that helped me build up some endurance but not much speed, which I still need to improve on as I continue my training.

Are you interested in seeing my plan?  Here it is from WomensRunning.com – a 14 week plan that incorporates walking, run/walk combos, easy and tempo runs, cross training and strength training – all crucial in keeping a body healthy during training. I plan to work with the hubs to develop my strength training plan to ensure I keep my legs healthy during the next 14 weeks.

I’ll provide updates along the way since today was my first day starting the plan.  I am happy to report that I was able to shave 2 minutes off my 2 mile run today and I’m even battling a summer cold!  Tomorrow will be nice bike ride for my cross training activity – any chance I get to put last year’s birthday present to good use is OK by me!

What kind of fitness goals have you set for yourself?



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