Nearly to Newly Inspired: The Home Decor Edition

I’ve officially been bitten by the decorate my home bug.  I can’t. stop. thinking about it.  I find myself wandering the internet trying to figure out what we’re going to do in all rooms of our house to make it more us.  We have lived in the house for more than three years and have […]

Nearly to Newly Gifted: Making Your Gift A Memorable One – Housewarming Gifts

My fiance and I are at that age where a lot of our friends are buying their first homes.  Some of them are married, some of them are moving in with each other for the first time, some have been living together for years but wanted to invest in their futures together and some are […]

Nearly to Newly Gifted: Making Your Gift A Memorable One – Bridal Shower

Ah, wedding and baby registries.  A genius invention by the retail gods for brides and groom everywhere.  It makes the process of determining what every couple wants without having to play a guessing game.  What could be better?  One thing I recommend – a little creativity; some additional effort. While I love the idea of […]

Nearly to Newly: Decorated

Lately I’ve really been gung-ho on trying to get pieces together for our spare bedroom – as you may have noticed from the post I wrote on Thursday regarding the awesome items I bought from the Thrift Store on my day off Monday.  In that post I went on a whole tangent about how I […]

Nearly to Newly: DIY Decorator

Happy Thursday night – TGIF tomorrow!  While this week has gone by pretty fast, I’m always a happy girl when the weekend rolls around.  I’ve got a laundry list of things that need to get done and I need to prep myself for some motivation [insert another coffee shop Sunday]. Anyway, I wanted to share […]