Blog Me: A Week of Good Reads

I don’t know about you, but I’m really over the weather we have been having this winter.  I mean this whole Polar Vortex thing is really cramping my style when it comes to productivity.  I mean, who wants to go outside when the high for the day if fifteen below?  Certainly not this girl.  Most […]

Nearly to Newly Inspired: The Home Decor Edition

I’ve officially been bitten by the decorate my home bug.  I can’t. stop. thinking about it.  I find myself wandering the internet trying to figure out what we’re going to do in all rooms of our house to make it more us.  We have lived in the house for more than three years and have […]

Nearly to Newly: Decorated

Lately I’ve really been gung-ho on trying to get pieces together for our spare bedroom – as you may have noticed from the post I wrote on Thursday regarding the awesome items I bought from the Thrift Store on my day off Monday.  In that post I went on a whole tangent about how I […]