Blog Me: A Week of Good Reads

Hi friends, I hope everyone survived the weekend and is gearing up for the upcoming week.  I found out on Friday afternoon that I have an impromptu trip to Chicago in my future – Wednesday to Thursday to be exact.  I wish I could say it was somewhere warmer like LA or Miami, but alas, I’m traveling to the same frigid climate.  At least a change for scenery will be nice, if only for 24 hours.

Because I’m getting this post out so late this Sunday [oops] and because I have a billion things I’d like to get done to prep for the upcoming week, let’s dive right into this weeks fabulous blog reads.


:: One of my 2014 goals has been to eat healthier so I can maintain a good weight.  While I don’t consider myself overweight, I definitely don’t have great eating habits which reflects poorly on my body.  I liked this post by Britney Munday on habits to create a healthier lifestyle.

:: Lately I’ve been doing our grocery shopping on Sunday’s after I prepare a meal plan for the week.  I find that by doing this I don’t buy a bunch of unnecessary groceries that end up cluttering our cupboards.  I also try to prepare our fruits and veggies for the week so they’re easy to grab for lunches.  This post on Simply Organized has some great ideas on storage solutions for veggies and fruits to help maintain an organized fridge.

:: Alongside eating healthier, I’m trying to increase my workouts to 3-4x a week.  FitSugar posted some awesome exercise ideas to tone your abs without doing the traditional crunches.  They also posted a great exercise for a poppin’ booty.

:: Another goal for this year is to save more money.  With our upcoming honeymoon [which we have yet to book] and some life changes, I’m thinking we’ll be spending a little more than saving, but nonetheless I’m hoping to reach our targeted goal by the end of the year.  Here’s a great post on Frugal Beautiful on how she plans to save $20K this year.

:: I clearly always have goals on the brain, so I really enjoyed reading this post on A Bowl Full of Lemons. that talked about setting realistic goals.  On this week’s “to-do”s is going back and updating my goals using the advice from this post.

:: I’m always looking to read more articles about how bloggers turn their blogs into profit [while maintaining the integrity of their content], so naturally I really liked this post on Bella that gives examples of how she makes money on her blog.

:: Along the same lines of making money while blogging, Frugal Beautiful wrote a great post on how big companies look at blogs when they want their products advertised.

:: House of Earnest posted an awesome art video tutorial on some cool black and white abstract that I want to add to my DIY arsenal.

:: With Valentine’s Day sneaking up on us all [it’s this Friday, folks], I wanted to share this cute DIY pillow idea that was posted on Teal and Lime.  What a perfect way to dress up your space for the holiday.

:: If you’re looking for another Valentine’s Day DIY, and maybe one that isn’t as time-consuming, check out these adorable mini notes that How About Orange posted that only require a few items.

:: Lately I’ve been trying to concentrate more on skincare as I’m getting older and wrinkles are definitely something I need to be thinking about.  I’ll be sharing my skincare regime with you all in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, check out Maskcara‘s post on her favorite products for maturing skin.  I’m definitely throwing some of these products on my “want” list.

I hope everyone has a great week!



One thought on “Blog Me: A Week of Good Reads

  1. Chicago is one of my favorite places (though I’ve only been in the middle of the summer). I’m not sure I would enjoy it as much in the dead of winter! I’ll be praying a nice warm air will come make it a little more enjoyable!

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